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Keeping the Verts Safe!

This is a discussion on Keeping the Verts Safe! within the Convertible forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Last Wednesday I came out of class and I disarmed my alarm and it chirped 4 times. That let me ...

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    Keeping the Verts Safe!

    Last Wednesday I came out of class and I disarmed my alarm and it chirped 4 times. That let me know that my car took some kind of hit and or someone was trying to mess with it. Yesterday which was Tuesday I noticed some kind of white residue on my Weather strip by my window near the top. The white residue was also on the black convertible top too. I was sure that someone had messed with it. I remember seeing these two guys who looked odd. They were both wearing dark grey suits with these wrinkled ass white shirts and I remember them looking at me as I walked around my car. I got in and they just walked slowly over to this poorly taken care of bmw and they just stopped and looked in it. I know it was them. I'm going to beat that ass if I see them near my car again. Luckily my alarm is set so sensitive it scared them away.

    anyhow I found a site that gives some good tips.

    check it out

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    dam, sounds scary

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    I came out of a Best Buy once to find two punks trying to open my door. First and ONLY time I EVER left my TA unattended in a public place other than my one-horse hometown. Well, I got to sit in a police car 'cuz I punched the one dude in the jaw as when I came up on them, he insisted it was his "dog's car" and he ran at me.

    Cop wouldn't file charges because the purp had a warrant on his ass anyway.

    I'd fight to the death to protect mine. I now have a .45 cal. that says all that needs to be said.

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    The Bandit started me, Knight Rider totally made me, I AM a Trans Am driver.

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    Das wussup! I got mine hooked up now. A fuckin theif is going to have a damn hard time either getting in mine or stealing it. I'm going to get a gun permit one of these days too! I've definitely got a nice aim. I'll teach them a lesson they can live with so they can discourage other dumbasses from trying people like that.

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    I do know from working in dealerships years ago,,,these newer cars are easy to steal if the scumbag knows someone. You can take the serial number from the dash and have a key cut/made.
    A potential thug can spot your car, write down the serial number,,,,go to his buddy and have a few keys cut (depending on the number of your chip on the key 1-12) and come back on another day,,,jump in your car and be gone.
    Not sure if GM has since improved upon the theft devices in these F-bodies but several years ago it was recommended that you put some tape over your vin number for added theft protection to keep this from happening.
    May not apply now but something to keep in mind.
    I have been in the same boat, I never leave my cars where I cannot watch them from where ever I am sitting,,,and caught someone screwing around, resulted in a pretty good beating, then a small car chase,,,,lol.
    The best security system is your eyes,,,,never park it somewhere you cannot watch it. It's sad nowadays. Larry.

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    Here are some good tips from a PD stand point, dont get Lo-jack, its garbage, yes it is better than nothing but for what you spend on LJ you can get a gps tracking system that will tell you exactly where your car is. Also a good loud ass alarm is very good.

    The common smash and grab thief are not getting into your cars for the stereo, unless it is right there and easy to get out, most are going for wallets left in center consoles, CD's, expensive sunglasses and more importantly, your car registration so that they can scope out your house for a burglary later on. Dont leave purses or bags in view in your vehicle.

    If an expert thief is going after your car for stereo equipment they just steal the car, they dont bother grabbing an amp or 2, if they are going to go to all this trouble they will take everything, but when its convenient for them. Also they do this to get your rims as well.

    So my advice to you when choosing an alarm is to get gps and a very loud alarm that also alerts you as well, most come with a paging service where your key fob goes off or vibrates.

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