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'98 as Opposed to Later Models?

This is a discussion on '98 as Opposed to Later Models? within the Convertible forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've got the itch for another 'vert, and have found a few promising candidates. One of them is a '98. ...

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    '98 as Opposed to Later Models?

    I've got the itch for another 'vert, and have found a few promising candidates. One of them is a '98. What are the differances between the '98s and later LS1s?



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    98 ls1s have the egr and air setups on the engine... also 98's are harder to tune, i'm sure u noticed that alot of programmers, like the diablo are for only 99 and up... 98's can be stubborn. Also the 98's have perimeter style bolts on the valve covers, so if u wanted to upgrade ur heads you would need to change that around... 98-99 have the egr and air... '00 have no egr but still a ls1 intake... 01-02's had the ls6 intake, some of the 02's even had ls6 blocks, but that doesnt make any more HP...

    98-99 also had a slightly bigger cam then the later years, but not enuff that you would be able to tell from a track or SOTP point of view.

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