What do you have? Let me know. I will look at any years, any trans (prefer manual though), and car (Z28/Formula/Trans Am). I have CASH ready to go!

Also, I have a 1994 Formula LT1 I'm looking to sell or could do trade plus cash on, but not 5000, probably like 2500. Or sell for $3500 or best offer!

More info and pictures on F Quick page... www.fquick.com/tford06

The title is clear but shows odometer discrepancy. Currently a little under 102,000.

The previous owners were a bit of backyard redneck mechanics. Fan's are hardwired. Home made cold air intake (computer reads MAF circuit error, I have a MAF coming from eBay hopefully to fix it being hard to start on cold days), and a Grant GT steering wheel so Airbag light is on. Not sure if passenger airbag is still there.

Good daily driver, a 25 foot car (looks great from 25 feet).