Looking for a car i can park in front of my house and fix up bit by bit.

Budget for car ~$3000. I initally was looking for $2k or less but haven't found much.
I prefer it to run, or be an easy fix to run.
V8 prefered, RWD (or AWD) is a must, Manual prefered (I'd really like a M6, but i might be dreaming ).
Paint job doesn't matter, but please no rot (or at least not in anywhere important). I'm not so hot at welding yet .
Looking for a car, but a sporty truck is ok too.

I'm in southern indiana, so i'll need to be able to drive it back from your place, or tow it, but it will cost me lots to tow/ship .

I can't think of much else i'm missing. Feel free to post up cars or links etc. I'll look at it and myself .

Thanks for looking.
-Doug A.