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WTB: 99+ M6 Z28 or SS

This is a discussion on WTB: 99+ M6 Z28 or SS within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; It's finally time for me to put the feelers out. Lost my 02 Z28 a few months back to a ...

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    WTB: 99+ M6 Z28 or SS

    It's finally time for me to put the feelers out. Lost my 02 Z28 a few months back to a soccer mom driving on the wrong side of the road (with a kid in the car no less!)...there's a thread with the whole story and pics floating somewhere in the Camaro forums for anyone who's curious.

    Anyway, I'm finally financially stable enough to start looking again. Now, I'm a college student who works in a grocery store that just got his insurance jacked up from an accident (shouldn't have been my fault, but it took the cop an hour to get there, so all witnesses left and I was in the hospital...just assumed the kid in the Camaro pulled out in front of the mom in the VW) so showcar quality is out the window. I'll bring it back to life as money permits. Car will be a DD for now anyway.

    My list of criteria:
    - 99+ (I'll look at 98's though if the right one comes along..just harder to get a loan for a 10 yr old car)
    - Preferably less than 100k on the ticker. (I'd rather put money into upgrades, making it look pretty, and paying off the loan I'm gonna have to take out ASAP than keeping her running/engine swap)
    - Stock or lightly modded. (I prefer to do my own modding...and no offense to anyone, but I'm paranoid about other people's/shops work on my car)
    - M6 (fun + MPG)
    - Roughly $7-9 grand. Like I said, insurance is jacked up, and school comes I simply can't make it to 10g's, and realistically...can't go over 9.

    I live in the Charlotte/Lake Norman area but obviously will be willing to travel a reasonable distance to look at something.

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    If for some unknown reason I need to sell mine, I'll let you know. But it ain't likely.

    I'll keep my feelers out.

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