I am looking for a 99-01 Camaro Z28 or SS roller. I have the entire drivetrain out of my vehicle including the engine, transmission, driveshaft, and rearend. All I need is a rolling chassis.....I am interested in anything anyone may have to offer. I prefer black or silver, however, I would take any color option if the right car is offered. I would prefer to have a complete car but if someone has a car within the year range I have listed that has a good body and chassis but needs some interior parts or somthing to that extent, please still feel free to send me some info. I have a 99 Camaro Z28 that I am missing dearly due to an accident it was in just a few months ago that the insurance company decided not to cover. I am desperate to find a new body to get this thing rolling again. I have access to a truck and trailer and will make a trip if necessary. PLEASE!!! IF ANYONE HAS ANYTHING TO OFFER...ANYTHING AT ALL....PLEASE SENT ME YOUR OFFERS!!! I will review all offers. Please send me any and all information you may have such as pictures, info, and sale amount. I will respond to all inquiries. Thanks so much for your help!! Any help or information will be appreciated!! Thank you.