I've been an inactive member for a long, long time. I find myself once again looking to pick up a WS6, and thought I'd finally pop my posting cherry here. I'm looking for something Midwest-ish (Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, et al). I'm not interested in convertibles, nor am I interested in automatics. I'm not looking for something modified to the moon and back, nor am I interested in something with more than 125,000 miles. My preference would be bright metallic silver with black interior, but I am open to other options as well. I'm looking to spend no more than $13,000, but that doesn't mean you should message me with a $9,000 car coupled with a $13,000 price tag. You won't be fooling anyone.

Anyhow, feel free to PM me here or text me any time at 706-819-6909 (I work nights, so really.. any time). Thanks.