Well I just sold my Mustang and have got $15,000 to spend. I am looking for either a WS6 or an SS Camaro (latest body style-LS1). A Camaro SS is preferred, but those WS6's sure are mean lookin'! A six-speed is an absolute must. Color is not a big concern of mine. I live in Buford, Georgia and it really needs to be somewhat local (Willing to do about a 600 mile round-trip to get the car). I really thought I found the perfect car on Autotrader last night but it was late, so I was going to call him today...only to find that the ad is no longer listed and I never wrote down the number It was a 1999 Camaro SS and it had 22K miles and was about 250 miles away and was asking $14,000. I also know of a black 1998 SS in Dallas, Texas with only 12K miles and is asking $15,000. I am just afraid it is a little bit too far for me to travel. If anyone knows of anything, I would actually like to get the vehicle before this weekend ends. You can contact me at spazzyfry123@yahoo.com or just PM me here.