I'm thinking about getting into a Vette. I've always wanted an FRC or Z06 and seeing as the Z06 is waaay out of my range an FRC is the next best thing.

I'll trade my 98 LS6 T/A for one. Car has 77k original on it, looks and runs like 40k. Motor is a bon-a-fied LS6 out of a 2003 Z06 with an original 20k miles(23k now) on it. Car was built entirely by New Era Performance (LS1Tech sponsor). I haven't got receipts but every bit of the work can be verified. Car has full bolt-ons, not the cheap stuff either, it's been put together right. Bolt-ons, clutch, slave, etc have about 10k on them if that. Body's damn near perfect, as is interior. Few minot rock chips here and there but nothing unusual or radical. I'd give the car a solid 9/10 all around. Everything works on the car as it should, aside from the fact that the AC has been deleted. I have the compressor and a few other pieces for it, but not everything because a line was broken. The condensor has been tossed.

I just had it re-tuned at TTP 2 days ago, 8 pulls and a printout, made 387rwhp, 370rwtq. Car has seen the track once since the motor swap, ran 12.34@114 with a baby 3500 launch and on 18" drag radials. It definately has 11's in it with a more aggressive launch.

It's basically the most streetable 11 second sleeper you'll ever come across. It runs/drives/sounds like a bolt-on LS1. The only time you'll even know it's an LS6 is when you jump on it. I've fooled and scared quite a few people with it.

Car comes as you see it on my site with one exception. I traded the 17/18" Z06 wheels for stock polished WS6 wheels with BRAND NEW tires(200 miles on them). I did it because I wanted a stock appearance.

I'd be looking for a C5 FRC(fixed roof coupe, Z06 style) Corvette, M6 only, NO auto. Mods are a huge + but not important, mileage isn't too much of an issue if it's maintained and/or built. I'm not looking to sell my car, so don't ask. I refuse to sell it unless I have something I want lined up, hence the trade offer.

My e-mail is venomsvtcobra@aol.com