Well I am going to sell my 30th. I just recently bought a 96 Viper and even though they look great in the Garage together, I would like to put that $$$ towards other things.
It has the TCS, and 12 disc Changer, M6 Hurst Shifter, #1473, currently has 69,000 miles, Baer Vented and cross drilled rotors, which were just turned, new liftime warrantied brake pads, Car is in excellent condition, T-Tops don't leak and I have a clear intake but I have all the original intake and can be put back to stock in about 30 minutes. I just got a new battery, just don't drive it anymore, now that I got the viper.
Asking $17,000 obo here are some pix from an old post of mine.

Contact me at dcmac66@aol.com
or give me a call 708-769-0750 all weekends and after 5:00 during the week

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