Hey guys,

I'm selling my 2004 GTO. It's got the 5.7l which is mostly stock, and the 6 speed manual. Clutch is in great shape, and transmission shifts smoothly. No issues with this at all. I bought this car early this spring and have put about 17k miles on it since then. The tires on the front are in great shape. The rears are at about 50%. I had the A/C recharged early summer, and it blows cold air. The car has 73k miles and a salvage title, from a hit in the passenger side front. The car was professionally repaired, and I have driven it about 17k miles since then. The engine is completely stock, but I have a few things changed on the tune. I shut off the 1-4 shift that the computer enforces the driver to do under certain situations, as it can be annoying. I have slightly advanced timing for a little more power and better fuel mileage, and I have enabled cruise enleanment, which is only an option on 04's, which increased gas mileage about 2 mpg. I can explain more about this if you have any questions. I can also write the stock file to the computer instead, if you would like.

Blue book on this car is $14,100. I am asking $10,500 obo.

Thanks for looking!