I am looking to sell my 98 A4 Camaro Z-28 LS1. The car is black with gray leather interior. The overall condition of the car is great. There is no body damage or major scratches. I am the second owner of the car. The first owner bought the car off of the showroom floor local in Springfield, Ma. I have all of the original paperwork for the car as well.

I change the oil with Mobil 1 Synthetic every 3-4 thousand miles. I have had the car since last October and have put roughly 15k miles on it since I bought the car. There is currently *67,6xx miles on the car. I am a software trainer and am always flying all over the country. The vast majority of the miles that I have put on the car are highway. When I am in the office, I have to drive 45 miles down to Wallingford, Ct. The car runs strong and I have not had any problems with it at all. The car is in complete *Stock* form. I have done NO modifications to the car at all.

The car has:
- Leather
- A/C
- T-Tops
- Alpine CD player
- Power driver seat
- Power windows
- Power locks
- I have the original set of chrome 5 star rims with tires
- The has a set of steelies with Dunlop Sport M3 winter tires on it. - The car has the upgraded rear gear package from the factory.
- I have only put 93 Octane gas from Mobil in the car. I have used other gas companies but Mobil is where I stop most.

There are only two small concerns with the car.
1. The winshield wiper blades have stuck in the up position. They wipers work fine, but instead of the down position, the blades are vertical on the winsheild. Someone with mechanical ability should be able to fix it, or replace the winshield motor.
2. There are two small rips in the leather. One is on the passenger seat and the other is on the driver seat. There are no other problems to the fabric.

***** I currently have a loan out through a local bank here in Ma. They have the title on the car. I have sold a car where the bank has the title before. The process is, the owner and the purchaser go to the bank with the money and pay off the loan. When that happens, the bank give us a receipt and I hand the buyer the keys to the car. They are then free to take the car and do what they want with it. The bank then sends the title request to the DMV and then the title will be sent to the BUYER. We both of course fill out a bill of sale, and will have a copy of the receipt from the bank.*****
I am looking to get $7200.00 for this solid car OBO.

Email: Stevescriver@hotmail.com

I can take pic's tonight after work for serious parties.