i have a 96 midnight blue saleen convertible, it has the 18" saleen wheels and all the saleen suspension and new 275/35z/18 in the back and 265/35z/18 in the front, its a 5 speed car with new seats a 2 year old paint job and new cobra headlights it has 50,xxx miles which is bone stock other then a hd corba clutch. it is such a pretty car and im looking to trade it for a ls1 camaro or trans am, 6 speed car....

car is number 294
50,xxx miles
2 year old paint job
new cobra headlights
new cobra hd clutch
new rebuilt heads
new 275/35z/r18 in the back and 265/35z/r18 up front
new leather seats with saleen s281 sown into them
new pioneers all the way around
3.08 gears gets around 25, 26mpg on the hwy
Full saleen suspension front and rear sway bar, struts and racecraft springs

u can check out a few pics here http://austin.craigslist.org/car/137077097.html

505-921-2935 call me any time ....mike

im going to go take some more pics today so if u need pics or more info just give me a call or email.... excelautoparts@hotmail.com