California Car

1998 Z28 Silver/Grey Leather Int
Loaded, all options except Traction Control, T-Tops

TONS OF NEW STUFF 400hp Sleeper!

New motor w/5000miles on it

New stall w/5000miles on it

New ECU w/4000miles on it

New Starter w/4000miles on it

New Alternator w/4000miles on it

New WaterPump w/5000miles on it

New MTI air lid w/3500miles on it

New Smooth Bellow w/3500miles on it

Newish Fuzion Tires (about 1000miles on them)

Car is in good shape, has minor dings and scratches like any used car with 100,000 miles. Paint is still shiny and glossy. Interrior is O.K. has fade and small tears on front seat corners, custom dash cover, rear seat has a light oil stain. Headliner is perfect, carpets are Ok, has a tear by the gas pedal, Engine was replaced and all major components gone through at 5000 miles, had an electrical problem after new engine hence all the new electronics stuff.

Engine from top to bottom, this motor is very smooth, with lots of work and dyno time on the tune you won't find a better mannerd sleepy low 12 sec car on street tires, that can smog in cali, and pass serious track tech inspections.

MTI Airlid
Stock MAF
Polish/Ported 98 Tb
SLP LS6 w/EGR (98 injectors)
PCV REROUTED TO APEX Catch Can(no more oil on combustion).

Stock 01 heads (rebuilt) had 38000 miles on them, polish job, Ls6 valve+spring set up.
Stock 98 Cam (has all miles on car minus 700 or so, was cleaned polished before reinstall)
Stock 98 Lifters
Stock 98 Pushrods
Stock 98 Crank (polished, balanced, inspected)
Stock 01 Rods and Pistons, cleaned, inspected, reconned and coated.
rings, gapped for n20/boost applications.
Stock 01 LS1 Block (not the LS6 Block) This was cleaned up and inspected before being used, however left alone otherwise as it was cherry.
Bottom end is assembled with ARP hardware, new race bearings, top end is all new stock 01 hardware, FELPRO gaskets all around.
All 98 Sensors
Stock 98 Manifolds, and Y pipe.
TR Blueprinted LS6 Oil Pump
ASP underdrive pulley
CC Timing Chain, Stock timing gears
NGKTr6, Thundervolt 10.5mm Wires
Walbro intank 255 fuel pump
Completly Balanced Pulley too Flexplate, completly blueprinted, unbelivably smooth car , engine revs super smooth, and fast. Dyno at ATP Turbo in S.J. CA 345rwhp, 350rwtq corrected.

Chassis/Frame (all bmr is in the red powdercoat)
Car has KYB shocks all the way around.
BMR weld in SFC
BMR adjustable Pan Hard (poly)
BMR Lower Control Arms (poly/rubber)
BMR strut tower brace
Edelbrock Torque Arm (poly)
Front Brakes Upgraded

A4 rebuilt, rebanded with 4l8E bands, TCI 3800 2.5str stall convertor, B&M big trans cooler, Rubber trans mount.
3.42 Rearend rebuilt about 20k ago, has all sleeves replaced with bearings, axles have been welded all the way around, set up by very good shop, does not squeak rattle pop, this car is very very quiet inside and around town.

Magnaflow catback, everything else is stock.

This has been my dd/strip car for a long time, I rebuilt it this last time to be sell-able so it idles right, it works right, it sounds great, your grandma can drive it comfortably, and when you put your foot in it, the sound is one of a kind! It dynod very strong for a car with mostly stock parts, it didn't even have 500 miles on it at the time, it has gotten stronger since (rings have sealed) (Last Tazzo estimates avgd 360/360) I have always only used Mobil1 and redline oils, it has always been serviced, this car does everything better than average still gets 25mpg or better, does not knock around or ping _EVER_ not in the morning not at night not ever!, the loudest sound in the cab cruising is the fuel pump, followed secondly by the AC Blower *has a leaf in it* The thing has a hard time getting too running temp ~185, I have heard the cooling fans twice in 5000 miles, they are tunned to come on early, this motor is primo for top end mods, the chassis/trans/and rear are set to hold 550ish and honestly this set up runs far better than the other two I played with! That includes a Stg2 H/C with tr224 cam (it may have been faster on paper and at the dyno but it was not as plesant to drive, got piss poor gas milage would wake the dead, and netted all of .2 in the 1/4 with drag slicks, over this motor on street tires. "11.89 vs. 12.05" I can only imagine what this bottom end would do with my old top end, or n20 kit (which coincidently ar for sale in the parts ads!) this is the best bottom end balance I have ever encounterd, for that matter it is the quietest of engine setups I'v encounterd much quieter than stock, unless your all over the throttle in which case it sounds NASCARESC. The whole car is very quiet it does not squeak or rattle like most Z's the handaling is fantastic and predictable this car is setup all the way around. The most common remark from people who have ridden in it is that it does not feel anything like a camaro it's too smooth and too quiet. I am semi-forced to sell moving and will no longer have space for all my toys, going from 3 car garage too 1 car; Family is growing, and somehow the Z is the car slated to go. I love my family more than this car.... I have to keep telling myself that....

I'm looking for 10,500 obo for my old friend, send an email to for more info, pics, dyno sheets, etc.