Houston, TX area

I'm selling my 1996 Camaro SS (No 2149) project car. When I originally bought this car I was going to convert it into a full drag race car but I no longer have the time to work on it. It's going to waste in my garage so i'd really like to hand it off to someone that will do something with it . Anyone that knows anything about Camaros knows that the 96-97 LT1 SS are rare and well worth the time and money to restore. The car is a 6 speed and besides the defects specified below, the car is in fair condition. The leather interior is excellent; there are no tears or rips. The stereo system, AC, lights, are in working condition. I have the clean title on hand and ready to sign over to it's new owner. The first buyer that offers me $4,000 O.B.O takes the car home.

Here is what is wrong with the car:

Engine: The head gaskets need to be replaced (Engine over heated), as well as two of the pistons. The car turns on but in it's current state it won't drive very far. You will have to tow it or pull it to your place.

Body: The car was hit on the driver rear qurter panel. When the hit occured it caused the car to rear end another car. This caused the air bags to deploy. The front of the car (see pictures) has very little damage. It has a some scratches but nothing major. I really don't know why the air bags deployed.

Go to this website to view pictures of the car. I can take more pictures for serious buyers.
Email: AutoMan2475@yahoo.com