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Cammed 2000 Z28 A4, new LS1! - $7500

This is a discussion on Cammed 2000 Z28 A4, new LS1! - $7500 within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; Selling my 2000 Z28 Hardtop. I have a kid and a second coming soon, this thing just isn't practical and ...

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    Cammed 2000 Z28 A4, new LS1! - $7500

    Selling my 2000 Z28 Hardtop. I have a kid and a second coming soon, this thing just isn't practical and it never gets driven. I've owned the car since February, thinking I'd like to have it as a toy. I have a 2001 Blazer I daily drive, but I've found out that the car just isn't even worth keeping around due to the fact that I've only put 200 miles on it in the last 4 months. I rarely have time to make it out to the cruise-ins and meets and that's what I bought it for.

    FIRST; there's a slight catch... For some reason the car will not shift at WOT. I can tell you it's a mechanical issue, not a tuning issue, but that's all I know. It shifts fine otherwise, it runs well, I wouldn't hesitate to drive it to California from South Carolina right now, but for some reason it won't shift when you drop the hammer. For that reason this car is priced LOW. If I don't get any interest this way, I'll just pull the trans and have it and the converter replaced myself and I'll up the price. I can tell you the trans can be rebuilt along with the converter for under $900... I can provide contact info for guys who can do this, all out of Florida. They do great work, I'm just over it and really don't have the time right now.

    That being said... here's the rundown.

    This car has 146,XXX showing on the Odometer... the trans was rebuilt probably 5k miles ago, but by a builder I'm forced to question. This was with the previous owner, I didn't chose the builder. The Engine, is a brand new LS1 crate motor from GM. I have ALL the paperwork, to include warranty paperwork to back this up and it's available upon request. I have stacks of receipts for this car, it really is practically new mechanically.

    A compression test was done on the LS1 when I bought the car and the results were the best for any motor I've ever seen, each cylinder was with 2% of each other. Results ranged from 210-215 all across the board. This motor is in the best shape it could possibly be in, perfect compression all across the board.

    The transmission is a built 4L60E with a JW Racing converter. Obviously, it needs to be rebuilt, but its got the best parts you can buy. Beast sunshell, Sonnax Servo, etc. etc. The list goes on. The trans was built with the intentions of standing behind an iron 408 on a massive shot. The parts are up to the task, however, somewhere down the line I think the shop that previously went through it skimped on something minor and now I'm paying for it.

    Mod list:

    New LS1 Crate Motor w/ 25k Miles
    SLP Lid
    Shaner S3 Ported TB
    LS6 Intake
    TSP Torquer v2 Camshaft
    PAC 1518 Valvesprings
    TSP 7.4" Pushrods
    LS6 Oil Pump
    LS2 Timing Chain
    Pacesetter 1 3/4" Longtubes
    3" O/R Y-pipe
    3.5" Cutout
    Hooker Cat-back
    28lb Injectors
    Racetronix Fuel Pump
    Tuned w/ EFI Live by EFI Alchemy (Jacksonville, FL)

    Fully Built 4L60E
    Transgo shift kit
    JW Racing 3400 Stall converter

    BMR solid front sway
    Strano Springs
    KYB 8-way shocks & struts
    slotted & drilled rotors
    American Racing Torq Thrust M Wheels (17x9 & 17x11)
    315/35/17 Nitto Drag Radials

    Berger Tail panel
    stainless Camaro Inserts
    1st Gen Camaro Z28 badges
    Tinted windows
    Whisperer Headlights


    The body is in good shape but it does show some wear. It's got rock chips, scrapes on the bottom, a couple dimples and dings. Nothing major. It cleans up VERY nice. The roof is black and it's the typical GM laminate coating and it's bubbling a little bit. The bubbles are extremely small, but they are present. I rate the body at about 8/10


    The interior of this car is BEAUTIFUL. No cracking, nothing broken, power windows work, no tears in the seats, no odd smells or stains. Excellent cloth interior. Only flaw is where the little storage compartment was at the front of the console towards the dash. Where that compartment sat, it's now empty. There was a nitrous kit on the car a while ago and that's where the switch plate was. It's not a major eye sore and a new console could be found in the classifieds for $30 if it bothered you. I never cared so I left it. I rate the interior at a 9.75/10 due to that.

    The cam is a decent size and we didn't get to do a cold start tune after the cam was installed due to my personal scheduling conflictions. As a result there are minor drivability issues. At very low speeds, there's a very light amount of surging and bucking, but not so much once its warmed up. It's really not bad at all, very very easy to deal with, I just want to be honest about everything.

    In summary, the bad stuff...
    - very slight surging and bucking when cold
    - Has an exhaust leak in the Y-pipe (I can probably get this fixed for you)
    - trans needs some work.
    - side moldings on the driver side are fading... they could be removed.

    All that being said, the car is priced at $7500. If it doesn't sale in the next month, i'll pull the trans myself and the price WILL go up to about 9k.

    I think I've covered everything... if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I'm posting up a ton of pics to try and show everything with the body and interior... let me know if you have requests for everything else.

    Oh, and all A/C lines are new, it blows ice cold.

    Older motor pic.. spray is no longer on it and I'm not even sure the motor that's in it has ever been sprayed.

    This pic shows the bubbles on the roof...

    Any questions feel free to ask.


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    "FREE BUMP".......Great looking ride to bad ya have to let her go, goodluck with the sell.

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    drive it to texas and ill fly you back.....

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    That car is absolutely beautiful man. I especially like the fourth picture down. Pro. Good luck with the sale!

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    2001 3.8 Black - sold
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    PM sent

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    bad ass car bro, I would cry if I had to let her go
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