90 or 92! That's what I meant to put!

Not sure if you are allowed to sell, so if you're not I guess you can delete this thread.

I'm looking for a 90 or 91 Plymouth Laser RS, AWD, and a 5 speed. Must have a working turbo and I want it to be driveable. Body work can be dinged up but not massive amounts of it as I'm going to use this car to be my first ever project car for body work while I'm taking auto body classes.

Lower the miles the better, but I usually see these cars being sold for about $500 so I don't really want to spend more than $1,500 on one since they aren't easy to re-sell anyways and it's mainly a project car.

I live in NC, so if you have one for sale or have someone that you know that does...please post all of the info you'd like about it and pictures would be nice.