Quick rundown.

1998 z28 with 70k miles
forged 347
ported heads
BABY cam(can't even hear it lope)
pt3800 stall
built 4l60e by MCS(just freshened up)
3.23 gears and a torsen diff setup by MCS
y2k's with m/t dr's on the back
ls6 intake
ported stock tb by road pirate
slp lid
smooth bellow
pacesetter headers/ypipe
dmh electric cutout and a stock catback(might not come with the electric cutout for sure)
hal shocks all the way around
hal front springs
umi lca's
umi panhard rod
UMI lca relo brackets
bmr adjustable tq arm
Has a tune from Soundengineer, but needs to be dialed in exactly since we didn't get a chance to before he left for tour with Alice and Chains.

On the 17" drag radials the car went 11.39 at 117.7 untuned in 1800DA with an off idle launch pulling a mild 1.59 60ft. With tuning and better weather, and a hard launch it should go 11.1x's at 120mph with a 1.51-1.52 60ft.

I didn't get into all the details, but if your SERIOUSLY interested PM me. I'm only selling this because I just bought a new TrailBlazer SS and I need to pay down my loan and pay my taxes. This car is NOT an ss, it's a z28, but the previous owner put on the ss badges and I just haven't taken them off. I'd like to see $13,500 out of it, the car is built right and with parts matched well together so it runs very well. Through the stock catback the car doesn't lope and is VERY quiet, not many would expect the car to run a low 11 on motor. I've never sprayed this car, but with the good internals it should take a 200 and run a deep 10 no problem on the juice.

Here's a few quick pics...

With the ccw's I just sold...

Video of my pass...