Well I'mready to sell my 1998 WS6 to get a Vette and this is the ONLY reason I'm selling.The body of the car has just over 104k on it but the driveline of the car is completely fresh!(see below) The exterior of the car is about a 9 out of 10. The only exterior blemish is a scratch on the passenger door which you can see in the pics. The interior is pretty clean as well with just one small rip (pictured) in the drivers seat. I would like $8500 for car. I HAVE OVER $3200 in receipts for the car not to mention the new motor so I believe my price is very fair!! I don't have to sell and I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN LOWBALL OFFERS AND STUPID OFFERS SUCH AS CAN YOU MEET ME IN OHIO AND SELL FOR $6000 SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME. I have been on this site since its's 1st month and have owned 14 4th gens. Any questions feel free to ask. It will be available to show after the holiday. Everything works on the car as it should

Transmission rebuild!
The transmission was just rebuilt/upgraded completely by Hanlon motorsports,

Reverse rail clip

shifter bushing

short roll pin

solid 3-4 keys

upgrade 3-4 springs

bronze fork pads

mainshaft o ring

5/6 shiftfork snap ring

complete bearing and synchro kit

5/6 shift fork

58t 5th drive gear

3-4 steel shift fork

5/6 synchro assy with out rings

1-2 synchro assy without rings

NWB tail bushing 27 spline

shift pin rail guide

snap ring

snap ring 3-4 synchro hub

revere wave washer

3-4 winged synchro keys

Also Brand new spec 2 clutch and slave and master cylinder. The motor is out of a 01 SS with approx. 54,321 miles. This motor was removed from the SS in favor of a LS7. The car has other mods as well

Mods info

Pacesetter Longtube Headers

Catless Y-Pipe

SLP dual dual catback

SLP Air Lid

K&N Air Filter

SLP Smooth Bellows

LS6 intake

ATI Underdrive Pulley

Lowered on Eibach Springs

Adjustable Panhard Bar

Aeroforce Scan Gauge on Pillar

The only problems with the car are minor and don't effect the driveabilty of the car.

The only exterior blemish is a scratch on the passenger door which you can see in the pics and 2 tiny scratches on the hood.

No A/C

T-Tops,glovebox,passenger and trunk all work with the key.
For drivers door the key differs from keyhole.(I just use the keyless entry comes with 2 remotes)

The rear 2 speakers in the backseat area are blown

small hole in drivers seat

The car has H.I.D's and for some reason the turn signals blink sometimes (front) sides and rear work fine.

VIDEO 1 Start up

Video 2 start up and walk around (Bad quality)

VIDEO!! acceleration!

VIDEO 2!! Getting on it a little!