Hey guys I just posted my 94' Camaro on ebay with a low reserve. Most of the car was rebuilt 105 miles ago. Here is the ebay link.

Here is a mod list of the car:
94 Camaro parts list
JE Forged Pistons with the ringland moved down for nitrous $449.99
Forged Eagle Connecting Rods $638
Forged Lunati Crank Shaft
Intake was ported and polished by GTP $295
GTP Stage Two Heads $1999 http://gtp-racing.com/
GTP 6 Billet Cam $395 http://gtp-racing.com/
ATI Super damper $399.99
Optima red top battery $169.99
Hypertech 160 degree thermostat
Arp head studs $119.99
Re ceramic coated headers $225
Walbro in tank 255 Liters Per Hour $129.97
Arizona Speed and Marine 54 mm Throttle Body $450
30# SVO injectors $219.88
Crane roller lifters $209
GM extreme duty timing set $299.99
Cloytes oversized crank sprocket $40
TPIS long tube headers $700

Machine Work:
4 bolt splayed caps
boil, and glass bead the block. Bore and hone block w/ torque plates, align bore for 4 bolt caps, surface block, clearance block for stroker kit, machine pistons for clearance on pin side, balance rotating assembly, assemble crankshaft and piston assembly. $2500

New Engine control module $180.00

MSD coil and 6AL box
New ARI rack and pinion steering $190.95
New Tie Rod ends $81.02
New wheel bearings $305.95
BMR K-Member black $439.95 http://www.bmrfabrication.com/F-bodyChassis.htm
BMR Upper and Lower a-arms $579.99 http://www.bmrfabrication.com/F-bodySuspension.htm
Spohn Torque Arm with front and rear drive shaft loops black $484.87 http://www.spohn.net/shop/1993-1997-...ersY-Pipe.html
LG G2 weld in subframe connectors $199.00
LS1 front spindles, brake calipers, and caliper mounts
Ground control front coil over koni (single adjustable) 750# springs, koni (single adjustable) shock with 250# springs on an adjustable perch in the rear. $986.90
powdercoating for spindles, swaybar, and capiler brackets $250
Spohn adjustable lower control arms in the rear $209 http://www.spohn.net/shop/1993-1997-...t-Spacers.html
Spohn adjustable panhard bar $139 http://www.spohn.net/shop/1993-1997-...-Rod-Ends.html

Baer drilled and slotted 2 piece Eradispeed Plus rotors (98-02 due to the spindle, caliper, and caliper mount swap) in the front $467 http://www.thunderracing.com/catalog...sid=52&pcid=21

McLeod Street Twin dual disc Clutch with steel flywheel $715.00 http://www.mcleodind.com/product_guide.html
1LE Aliminum drive shaft
prothane motor mounts
Corbeau Carrera black seats (qty 2) $745.00

Roll Bar:
Wolfe Race Craft 4130 cromoly 6 point black powdercoat bar $942.84 http://www.wolferacecraft.com/detail.aspx?ID=289

Over $15,000 in receipts not including misc parts and the car itself

99% of everything here has 105 miles on it.