I have a 69 Firebird that i bought about 3 years ago partially completed. I have since done a ton of work to it but i really want to get back into a 4th gen.
The car is primered, but really needs stripped to bare metal and started over. Primer coat has chips from being moved around before i bought it, and i blasted the jambs and channels in anticipation of re-primering the car. Completely rust free except a 4x4 patch on the flat portion of the passenger rocker. All 4 floor sections, trunk pan, and cowl corners replaced by me. New full aftermarket quarters, inner and outer wheelhouses and door skins replaced previously. Excellent trunk lid, immaculate doors, new repo 400 hood, immaculate valence and batwing. New repo headlight surrounds, great trim rings, all bumper/front end bracketry/wheelhouses refinished in black. New repo bumpers. All glass is there and nice. Firewall was painted, inner and outer floors ceramic coated. New gas tank, lines, brake lines installed. Rear diff painted black and rebuilt, springs painted to imitate bare metal.

Front stub is powdercoated black and all new rubber bushings installed. Poly subframe bushings and comes with new CE subframe connectors.

Drivetrain is a 73 455 and an early 64-65 muncie 4 speed and a 2.73 posi 8.5 10 bolt. I wanted it to be a nice cruiser. Muncie was rebuilt by me, is an early m20 that has the lowest (2.56?) 1st gear available. 10 spline input of course. Blasted and refinished as well as the bellhousing. New clutch linkages. New hurst shifter setup from pete serio.

Engine was rebuilt before i got it, i just painted it up. has later 6x-8 heads for low octane gas and a summit 2801 cam that i put in it. Has a points distributor in it but i can provide an HEI. I was going for stock appearing. Coated cast iron manifolds with a new dual exhaust with violator mufflers.
Runs great.

Carb is a rebuilt 69 carter replacement qjet.

A/C system all there but needs restored.

Interior is all there but needs work but complete. Black standard. Needs carpet, seat covers, door panels, etc. Door panel chrome is good as is the rest of the interior chrome. Just dried out as this car was supposedly in the southwest for a while and all the seals proved it.

Very very nice base for a motivated hobbyist. Just looking for something different. Would trade for a variety of cars or bikes but would be extremely interested in a 4th gen f-body.

Located outside of Stockton, IA. Just west of the Quad Cities.

Lets deal 563-320-6323