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480hp 6-Speed Trans Am with Many Mods for sale

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    480hp 6-Speed Trans Am with Many Mods for sale

    I have a 1999 Firebird Trans Am that I've dynoed at 415 rear wheel Hp without programming (easy 20 hp gain minimum with LS1 Edit ), with about 30 k on the rebuilt motor, 3k on the rear and 25k on the SPEC stage 3 clutch. She runs strong as ever: While driving normally it has THE most evil rumble...but put your foot on it at a 35 mph roll and the fat 315 drag radials immediately lose the fight to keep traction and the motor and exhaust sound like an atomic sawblade as the car pulls HARD all the way to redline.. does not taper off at around 90 -120 the way most mortal cars do. Despite all of the gee whiz stuff, I have to sell as I am going to Iraq for at least a year and have no place to store it, nor do I want to be paying a car payment on a car that I am not driving. Car is located in Tucson AZ. I can deliver up to 300 miles for 40 cents per mile. Email me for more pics -sharp car!

    I AM ASKING $11,000 for the car and can drive it to where you are (within 800 miles) for 40 cents / mile

    Mods are as follows:

    WS6 Style Raptor Fiberglass Hood - opened up for TRUE ram air induction (not just for looks)


    346 ci Aluminum motor with Total engine airflow stage II ported heads, decked .030 with the following specs on them: They flow well over 300cfm at .500 lift

    CNC Port LS1 5.7 Head to Stage 2 with 3.900 CNC Combustion Chambers

    Competition Multi-Angle Valve Job

    Blend Valve Job

    Mill Heads to .030

    Ferrea 2.020 Intake Valve with (REV 1.57 Exhaust Valves)

    Standard TEA "Gold" 1.300" dual .650" lift springs, (Comp 1.250 921 and Comp 1.440 978 are also available)

    TEA Titanium Retainer

    TEA Locators

    GM Locks

    GM Intake and Exhaust Valve Seals

    ZO6 Ported oil Pump and Double roller timing chain

    The stock bottom end on these motors are able to take 800 hp blasts from turbo-charged LS1's
    Comp cams .588 / .588 114 deg LSA cam - good and easy idle still - with Manley hardened pushrods

    SPEC stage 3 Kevlar clutch- good to 600 hp, with drill mod on slave cylinder - Both master and Slave cylinders are new from a 2002 Trans Am (extra capacity)

    3:73 GM gears (recently installed -no whine) and with SLP Rear differential brace

    5.0 short throw shifter (extra short for those quick shifts)

    SLP Radiator / 160 degree thermostat with Hypertech Power Tuner


    LS6 intake with 28 lb Z06 injectors

    HI Flo Airlid with smooth bellows, 70mm MAF, w Maf mod


    FLP Longtube Headers w/ ceramic coating into Evil sounding Flomaster exhaust (this car sounds evil - not so loud that you cant hear the stereo. Of all of the dozens of different exhausts on Fbody's I have ever heard, I think this one is the best. It is a deep grumble - not like those other systems where it sounds is too muffled or like the resonance on the pipes are going to split the exhaust.


    BMR Lower control Arms with rear relocators

    BMR Torque Arm

    BMR Panhard Rod

    BMR Subframe Connectors

    Eibach lowering Springs (1.5")

    Tires / Wheels are newer G Force 275/40/ZR17 up front on 17 x 9 inch Polished ZR1 rims with 80% tread Rear wheels are 315/35/ZR17 Nitto drag radials on 17 x 11 Polished ZR1 rims with 60% tread

    Slotted front rotors


    Shift light built into air vent hole on pillar

    White faced Guages

    Power everything with Monsoon 500 watt system and 12 disk changer

    1-4 Shift override/ delete

    Only Mobil 1 synthetic oil and oil filters used every 3k miles

    Problems:- Cosmetic only -Someone took a key and scratched the paint up on my car on all sides so the whole car would need to be repainted if desired, but it is otherwise a stout, reliable car that gets 28mpg / hwy and 18 mpg / city. Also the drivers seat seam is separating a bit and there is a crack on the passengers side door panel, about 2.5 inches long...(see pictures). Despite having replaced the passengers side power window at the dealership 2 years ago, it moves the window slowly. I have recpt - might be under warranty. I mention this because I want you to know everything about the car.

    Also the car was dynoed with the OLD combination of a .566 / .566 lift cam with the stock LS1 intake and 26 lb/hr injectors(no programming). The new combination (on the motor rebuild) has a .588/.588 lift cam with Z06 Corvette LS6 intake and 28 lb/ hr injectors, hardened pushrods, ported Z06 oil pump and double roller timing chain. Conservatively, this should add at least 20 hp alone with the intake, but it has not been dynoed since. It does pull harder than my old combo this car is more than likely around 490 - 500hp at the crank with more possible if you get it programmed with LS1 Edit. I guarantee this car to put down at least 420 hp to the rear wheels however (480-490 hp to the crank)

    I am probably forgetting a few things so email me at or call me at 520-272-1327 if interested or for pics.

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    2001 Trans Am WS-6

    where are you located? im interested.

    any trades perhaps?


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    1 (100%)
    Please send pics to

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    Pics to What is the mileage? Thanks

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    Phx, Az
    What's the milage on the body...and could you send pics to Thanks!

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    Car for sale this week only

    Hi there,

    There car is for sale on Ebay and there are tons of pics and more info there. I am in Tucson, AZ and the auction item # is Item number: 4579233999 - note - if auction has ended, you may have to do an advanced search on Ebay and search under completed items. Anyway, the ad there tells and shows the whole story. If I can't sell it by Saturday, it goes in the garage until I get back from Iraq in a year and I will repaint it and keep.

    Thanks! Dwayne

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    I could take over payments for you...e-mail me and let me know what they are

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