If you are looking for the ultimate power rush look no further! This 1100 RW HP horsepower Corvette can chase down a Bugatti Veyron! Pull up next to any one at a stop light with this beast and unless they are driving a tube chassis race car they don't even dare look you in the eye. This Vette has so much power you can light off the rear tires at will at almost at up to tripple digit speeds.
This Vette makes the most monstrous, angry engine and exhaust sounds this side of a NASCAR engine.
You will see the strangest things when your are piloting this angry beast... mom's walking with their kids grab them and pull them close, people in the crosswalk let you go first, cars in front of you on the freeway clear out of your way, and people take out their video cameras and shoot video like they are seeing a celebrity. The most amazing thing is that this Corvette will cruise on the freeway at 75 miles per hour and get 31 MPG!!!
Now the only question you need to ask yourself is... Can you handle all the attention and new found rock star status?
Don't mis this black beast... Make it your own and own the road!

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1,500 Miles on the Engine

33,000 on the chassis.

Engine & Drivetrain:

102 throttle body
LSX 454 Stroker ARP Mains (Boost Ready)
ATI Procharger F1C 8 Rib Pulley
ATI Race Bypass Valve
ETP 6 Bolt LS7 Heads
Wiseco Forged Custom Pistons
Callies 6.125" I-Beam Comp Star
Callies Comp Star 4.125" Crankshaft
160 flow matched injectors
ARP Head Studs
2 Bar Map Sensor
T&D 1.7 Rockers with NewTech Custom Ground Cams
Morel HYD Lifters
A&A Fuel System
fast 102 intake manfold
Ron Davis Radiator
Ron Davis Oil Cooler
ARH 1-7/8 Headers
Corsa 3" Catback
ACT Twin Disk Clutch
ACT Flywheel
DriveShaft Shop 1000HP Driveshaft
DTE Stage 4 Rear End

Suspension & Brakes:
DTE Strut Brace
Pfadt Coilovers
Pfadt Sway Bars
Pfadt Bushings

Wheels & Tires:
DPE Signature Series S20 Custom Two-Tone Finish
Front: 19x9 +53
Rear: 18x12 +55
Front Tires: 285/30/R19 Nitto Invo
Rear Tires: 335/30/R18 Hoosier Drag Radials

Exterior & Interior:
C6 Z06 Wide Body Rear Kit
EPP 2-inch Cowl Hood

One Off 8-pt Roll Cage fabricated by Maier Racing
2 PLX Gauges
2 Custom Fitted Kirkey Seats wrapped in Black and Red cloth