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2005 Torrid Red A4 GTO, 31k miles...18k

This is a discussion on 2005 Torrid Red A4 GTO, 31k miles...18k within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; Hello everyone. I am new to this forum but not to the forum. I have over 4000 posts there. ...

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    2005 pontiac GTO

    2005 Torrid Red A4 GTO, SERIOUSLY MODDED...18k

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum but not to the forum. I have over 4000 posts there. I am putting my car up for sale.

    First lets be clear about this. This GTO was built for drag racing however the cam installed and tune make for a great weekend car or DD if your into a stalled DD. That being said, the car has been lightened for drag racing, meaning things have been removed (i.e. v-brace, gas tank brace, trunk liners, amplifier, etc). I do have the gas tank brace and rear quarter panels for the interior as well as the seatbelts and such for the rear. I DO NOT have the OEM seats. They were sold. Again this was turned in a drag car that could easily be turned back into a modded DD with some money and time. The bump stops for the springs HAVE been cut to accommodate drag bags. That is a common alteration. The car does have some paint damage under the front bumper from rubbing once to get on my trailer in a wet grass field at the track. The car also does NOT have a flawless paint but then again it was a drag car. It has the normal rock chips and wear. I DID grind down the fender lips. However, NONE of these disrupt the integrity of the car and are nothing that many DD owners haven't done to their cars, sans the front paint bumper paint needing repainted underneath the lip and somewhat on the very bottom of the bumper where it can be seen visually. Also the front door interior panels have a circle cut in them where my system had tweeters in place. Again you could install tweeters back in them and all is good. The doors have no speakers in them either. I DO have the stock factory radio somewhere. Some of the OE parts I have retained as well (airbox, cam)

    Car has 30,656 miles on it with many of the current mods seeing less than 3-4k miles. Major work done at 15k miles and then refreshed around 28k miles.

    This car is a proven low-mid 11 second car but with good weather and a better 60, it should be knocking on the 10's.

    Mods are as follows:

    Kooks 1 & 3/4" Headers with offroad pipes with custom welded Y's for cutouts. Cap plates and cutout housings included x 2 sets (cutouts) but need new motors
    Magnaflow Catback
    Ed Curtis race ported FAST 90 w/FAST fuel rails
    Ed curtis cam (228/232 .614 .600 112+2)
    SLP ported oil pump
    ARP cam bolt
    42 lb lucas injectors
    MSD wires and tr 55 plugs (5/09)
    Walboro 255 intake pump
    Ed curtis minor ported OEM TB
    AFR 225's (Ed Curtis prepped) milled 0.030 Heads
    Yella Terra Ultralite rockers EOM ratio (5/09)
    Chromoly 7.375" pushrods
    Newly installed EDC GEN 4 springs (5/09)
    Vararam Intake
    AMW catch can
    ASP under drive pulley (5/09)
    ARP crank bolt
    Pedders Track II (OEM rear, 3/8 front drop) with big bores
    Speed Inc drag bags
    DBA 5000 XS rotors (slotted and drilled) front and rear
    Hawk pads
    Goodrich brake lines
    Derale Deep trans pan
    Vig 3200 triple disk converter
    B&M 24k rated trans cooler
    Kaaz posi
    3.91 gears
    Harrop rear diff. cover
    Drive shaft safety loop (5/09)
    Sparco torino II adjustable racing seats
    custom built Wedge Engineering seat brackets
    rear seat delete
    center gauge pod
    Autometer trans temp gauge
    AEM wideband guage
    SLP line lock (not installed)
    ARP wheel studs x 4
    Weld 15" 5.5 BS skinnies and rear drag radials
    Hoosier 275/50/15 drag radials with plenty of life in them
    Nitto 555 front radials and 555R rear drag radials on 4 OEM rims
    Speed Density tuned by modern muscle in Naperville, IL
    Also includes another OEM computer and trans module.

    This car was purchased from the dealer showroom floor in August of 2005 and DD stock until around May of 2006. Engine mods installed (H/C/stall/exhaust) and driven until the fall of 2006 where it was retired and started the transformation into a drag car. Many numerous mods since then including pedders suspension in 2007 and sparco seats. More mods in 2008 which included the Kaaz, 3.91's and harrop. 2009 saw rockers, new springs.

    I am very meticulous with oil changes. Probably the most anal on the board. Car has seen M1 from the beginning and once it went to drag racing was switched to M1 0w40. Car gets oil changed BEFORE and AFTER each track day. Maybe 3-4 miles between oil changes except over the winter when the car sits for 6 months with fresh oil and lucas stabilizer. Trans fluid has been changed 2 times since I owned it and coolant changed 3 times as well. Ask Mike (Konniethegoat) about how my fluids look as well as my heads. I am pretty damn picky about this stuff.

    Car is always garaged and has never seen inclement weather besides when it was a DD. It has seen roughly 2000 miles since 2007. It has been out once this year to Byron to drag race.

    I still owe 12k on the car so I would have to work out the payoff. I am asking 18k for the car which includes all mods, extra tires and cutouts. Why am I selling? I am pretty much getting out of the drag racing scene and getting into a C6 Z06 at some point down the road. I am not selling because the car is fucked up or because I ran out of money or anything like that. I could keep the car easily but I never get to use it for what it was built for. My loss is definitely someones gain here. BIG TIME. There is WELL over 20k in parts and probably 5-6k in labor over the years.

    I have plenty of 11.4+ time slips and the car has a best of 11.39 with a best mph of 122.49. Best 60' is a paltry 1.62' compared to what is going on this forum. 1.5X 60 in good weather probably would get you a 10 second pass or pretty damn close. DA's during my runs were never anything under 2000 that I could find.

    This car would be perfect for someone looking to get into drag racing as most of the mods have been done already. Hell for an N/A car they pretty much ALL have been done. One could put a larger cam in the motor, replace OEM lifters and put a dual roller timing chain on it as well as a e-water pump and make even more power. Or you could swap some parts onto your own built and turn mine back into a DD or do whatever. The asking price is definitely set for a sale and FIRM. Anything less would be insulting IMO.

    I also have 300 dollars down on a performabuilt trans that I could see if I could transfer.

    Here are a few pictures to be complaint with site rules. For serious inquirers, I obviously can take more to show details or whatever. I have most if not all receipts for work done and mods as well as anyone can run the VIN to see what was done at the dealer.

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    Bump...she is resting on the trailer as usual and just put some stabil in and topped the tank off as well as changed the oil with some fresh M1 0w40 (this car gets about 4 miles to the oil change or how ever many passes I get each day).

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