Hi everybody. Hate to do it but I need the cash. I didn't put any pictures up since the car is just as it was brand new. It has a little over 14,000 miles has never seen snow and rarely caught in the rain. No smoking, no racing, all stock except SLP flopac and axle back exuast. Sounds nice but not too loud either. Used the car for trips to the beach, and cruises in nice weather. and All service has been completed ahead of schedule. Always synthetic oil, always garage kept. (Garage doesn't go below freezing in winter.) Virtually no wear on the interior. No accidents or repainting anywhere and no damage. This car has no issues whatsoever. Very nice solid car. Again hate to sell it but money talks. I need at least $20,000 to let the car go. I think its worth more then that but the economy is bad and on top of that I need the cash for other things.

Great time to buy a car like this if you can. However if I can't get 20k I will keep the car. I would be unhappy later if I took any less. If you are interested I can provide pics or you can come see it in person. Thanks.