I have decided to sell my 2001 Lefthander car.

I have converted the front suspension, including changing the rack, for roadracing. I sent the power steering rack to Appleton to have them completely go thru it and lengthen the right side. I've also taken care of the bumpsteer and it is within .020.

Wet weight, without the driver, the car is 2700 pounds, full of fuel ready to go. I haven't removed all of the added weight yet, which I estimate to be around 150 pounds which would bring the wet weight to 2550.

The Transmission is a Richmond Super T-10 with the "W" ratio. That is 2.64 - 1st gear, 1.75 - 2nd gear, 1.34 - 3rd gear and a 1:1 for 4th gear.

Port City Hubs with Wilwood Integra 6R Calipers and floating rotors. Each caliper is about $1500 new. They are the best calipers you can currently buy.

Winters quick change rear end with external pump and cooler. There are also inline blowers for the front brakes.

It has a fuel injected LS1 racing engine in it that was recently freshened by Lingenfelter with approx 460 HP. It has an ASA drysump oiling system.

The clutch is a triple disc 7-1/4" Quartermaster, low ground clearance with reverse mounted starter clutch system. I put new floaters, flywheel and plates in at the beginning of this summer.

Penske rebound adjustable 7500 series revalveable shocks.

I also have an 11 gallon dump can for the dry-break fuel filler system. I also bought a bunch of spare 5 Star Flange Fit ASA body parts for the car, but they ended being the wrong year, I guess. I have almost a complete body except for the roof. I will also include those parts with the car. They are brand new, but appear to have been just test mounted. There are R&L Doors, R&L Quarters, Hood, 3 fenders and rockers.

I have pictures of it and can answer any questions regarding the car.

The car is absolutely complete and you can race it the day you get it. I have been racing all of my life and I know what is out there. You will not find a better, more complete car for the money.

We have had it out at several open track events already, including 2 at Waterford.

I am asking $20,500 complete, ready to race.