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2000 z28 a4

This is a discussion on 2000 z28 a4 within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; This is not my car. I saw it on Craigslist earlier today and thought maybe someone would be interested looks ...

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    2000 z28 a4

    This is not my car. I saw it on Craigslist earlier today and thought maybe someone would be interested looks like a pretty good deal.

    27k miles, A4, well kept, leather....etc for 8k. Just thought I would pass it on. Again, this is NOT MY CAR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2KPewterSS View Post
    1. All threads containing a vehicle for sale, must include an asking price. OBO is not considered an asking price.

    2. If you are not interested in purchasing the vehicle, you have no business suggesting what the owner should be asking. If you are expressing interest in purchasing the vehicle, you may negotiate the asking price. If it is not clear that you are interested in purchasing and you make a post suggesting the owner change their asking price, it will be treated as trolling and removed.

    3. You must include pictures of the vehicle you are attempting to sale. No one is going to purchase a vehicle without being able to see pictures of it in advance. Any threads not containing pictures of the vehicle will be removed/deleted/closed immediately.

    4. Threads with links to other forums will no longer be tolerated. You must type up your for sale thread here, include asking price and pictures of the vehicle that is for sale. The only 2 exceptions to this, are ebay and craigslist. It is acceptable to post links from either of these 2 sites where you have the vehicle listed. Threads containing direct links to other forums will be removed.

    5. Due to complaints from Carfax, the site can not allow people to request carfax. Any threads that request carfax's or suggest that they can provide carfax to the general public will be removed.

    6. Trolling will not be tolerated. If you are not interested in purchasing the vehicle, there really is no point in posting. If the thread starter has asked for advice or questions, its acceptable to reply to those questions. Negative comments will be dealt with accordingly. If you are not interested in purchasing the vehicle but have a question for the owner, please use the PM feature to ask your question

    7. This area is also the designated area to start threads looking to buy vehicles. Please be specific with what you hope to purchase/acquire.

    8. You must own the vehicle you are listing.
    9. You may bump your thread once per day, but multiple bumps in a day will be deleted.
    rule 8....sorry. Know you were trying to be helpful but it's better if they do their own selling.

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