I had this listed earlier this summer for sale, but now am serious about selling the car. Need to save up money for a down payment on a house as well as get some things paid off. Most of you know how that goes.

Anyway, a little about the car. I bought it 3 years ago from a dealer here in Iowa with 10,5XX miles on it. It was a bone stock SS car that came with the SLP Dual/Dual catback and Castrol fluid package. I do not drive the car in the winter, and it only gets driven on every nice day we have. Just looking to sell it outright, no trades as I still owe a bit on the car.

All the mods were installed by me. The car was Dyno Tuned at House of Boost in Kansas. It put down 387/384 and that was with about 90% throttle as I came to find out later. It has been to the track a couple of times on street tires. Have not been back since the tranny and new clutch were installed.

Engine Mods:
LS6 intake - painted gloss black
Ported TB
Powerbond UD pulley
Pacesetter LT's w/ ORY
SLP Dual/Dual catback
Patrick G spec'd cam - 231/232 .612/.588 111+4
Nitrous Outlet HALO Bar Dry Kit - not sure if will be sold with the car

Monster Stage 3 - less than 700 miles on it
D&D upgraded T56 rebuild - The usual Stage 2 rebuild stuff
New Slave
New Pilot bearing
Tick Master Cylinder
Factory Hurst Shifter

Suspension - not much here
RPM Speed Relocation brackets

Stock 10 bolt with 3.42's - Have a set of motive 4.10's brand new in box that will more than likely go with the car

Like mentioned above there is Nitrous on the car. Only a half bottle has been ran through it and that was mostly on a 50 shot to make sure everything worked. It was sprayed on a 100 shot only a few times, and has not been sprayed on all summer.

Some bad things about the car. I hit a deer right after I bought the car. Clipped it's back hoof and it put a small crack in the front bumper down by the drivers side fog light and spider webbed the bumper a little. Can't notice it unless you are really looking for it. There is also a small ding on the passenger side. I think it was hit by a baseball but I am not sure. I umpire baseball games in the summer and I park away from everyone. The car was near an open field and I believe a team was warming up and the car got hit. There are no cracks or scuffs in the ding and it can be taken out easily by a paintless dent guy. Other than a few rock chips on the hood, the car is very nice looking.

I am starting the price at $11,500, feel free to make offers as well. I posted my photobucket album so you can see the pics. I am located near Des Moines, Iowa and would be willing to drive a couple of hours to meet someone if they are really interested and have cash in hand. You can email me at AML2000SS@yahoo.com, call or text at 515-490-8309. My name is Andy. Thanks for looking.