OK, I just got a new job that will make me get a new car. I'm wanting to keep my car, but I probably have to sell. Anyway, as everyone else says, "My loss is your gain."

2000 Trans Am WS-6
Red w/ black interior
Lid (don't know what brand)
Straight bellows
LS6 intake
Hooker LT coated headers (Stage 8 locking bolts)
Mufflex y-pipe (dual 3" into 4" collector)
Dynomax 4" bullet muffler (exits before rear axle)
Koni SA front shocks
Bilstein 3rd gen revalved rears (reavalved by Sam)
GC coilovers w/ 500lb srpings up front
BMR 32mm front swaybar
BMR 21mm rear swaybar
BMR adjustable PHR w/ replaced QA1 rod ends
Wheels, tires, brakes
4 AFS 17x11 ZR-1 replicas (needs tires, Hoosiers are corded)
4 stock 16x8 Camaro wheels (for the street; need tires badly)
ARP wheel studs
Hawk HP+ front pads
Replaced '00 master and slave brake cylinders with '02 models
Other stuff
Red Corbeau Forza front seats, manual movement
Drivers RJS 5 pt harness, latch type
Lou's Short Stick (shortens the shifter throw)
Hurst shifter (the stock one)
12 disc changer
Floormats custom embroidered w/ red birds
Hidden Hitch (it really is hidden, you can't see it unless the ball is attached)

I know I'm missing some stuff. It runs very well. It has 55k miles - mostly highway. Paint is in good condition, excpet for a few chips on the front bumper. Interior is in good condition, except a hole worn in the carpet where my right heel sits - luckily, I never had my floor mats in, so they'll hide it.

I bought the car with 38,000 miles on it. It was in perfect condition then. Since, I have driven it on the highway and in auto-x (2 years, 1 event per month, 4 runs per event = about 200 runs) exclusively. I've done almost all of the work myself, and I've never had a problem. Thunder Racing has seen the car after the intake/exhaust and suspension install (they didn't inspect it, simply tuned the computer and looked it over for me). It dynoed 322 rwhp BEFORE the exhaust or intake were installed.

Honestly, this is not a show car, though it did win Best of Class at the 2003 World of Wheels in the Production Road Race Car class in the Superdome. It is a car that I bought to dirve on the street occasionally, and do auto-xing. It can easily be made to be a pure street car by simply putting street tires on the 17x11 wheels. The exhaust may be a bit loud for some (but most people I know love it) - a simply over axle and muffler setup will make it nice and quiet.

I don't have any real "glamour" shots. But here are some pics of the car over the past year.


I'm asking $15,000 for it. You can have all the spare parts I've got laying around (SLP y-pipe, 3" cutout, 19mm rear swaybar, rear stock DeCarbon shocks, etc.) if you even want them.

Oh, and you may notice that I'm from New Orleans. No, the car didn't see any flood water. I live in Harahan (8101 Barocco Dr, Harahan LA 70123) which saw zero flooding. Find the address on mapquest, then click on the same spot on this flood map

let me know if you have any questions, need special pics, etc. Oh, and I used to be a regular here - before the crash. EuginioSS (Road race/autox mod) can vouch for that.