Wife says they gotta go! I bought 2 to fix up and play around with and now got to get rid of them. 1 is a 1996 black on dark grey leather M6 t tops UNMOLESTED. Interior is really nice. like 8-10 nice. has 130k miles. The ONLY thing wrong is the is the clear is starting to peel. Weather stripping is good. t tops don't leak. Haven't really driven the car on highway or gotten on it, but oil pressure is great. sounds strong. shifts good.

Next is a 1994 A4 with only a few mods. Hard top. Electric blue factory color. Interior is aa 8 to 9 outta 10. power windows/lock alarm. nothing mechanically wrong. Prev owner put 4k into it via top end rebuild. new opti water pump, coil plugs wires.
I put a new oil pump and pass side window motor. Cleaned up the interior. Seats are great. No busted bolster.
Has flowmaster muffler and I added k&n cai kit. dynoed it to make sure all was good and for some base numbers... 246whp and 269wtq.

All fluids are good on both cars. Both cars run great and shift without any problems. the 94 spins tires easily from a stop. both cars fire up everytime and have seafoamed them a few times to make sure fuel system and top end is nice and cleaned!
I'm asking $4,500 for the 1996 and $3k for the 94.
Any questions and for pics, email me slp.ultra.z383@gmail.com for faster response.
Thank you