1999 Camaro SS - $15,000
  • Pewter
  • 49,800 miles
  • 5.7 v8
  • 6-speed
  • Leather (power driver's seat)
  • t-tops
  • optional chrome 17" ZR1 rims
  • Hurst 6-speed shifter

I bought this Camaro SS back in May 2001 with 26k miles on the clock. My intention was to keep this car and eventually pass is down, but having a "new" project car sucking up my free time and money, something has to give. Since I don't want sell either of my little boys (or my wife, but some days i might reconsider...) i decided to let the Camaro go. Plus seeing it live most of it's life under a cover in the garage isn't what a car like this deserves.

This Camaro is pewter (this wasn't an option in the color menu) and is number 4288 on its birth certificate. Yes, I am very particular when it comes to cars, especially this one. With only 49,000 miles on the clock, this car is just about in showroom condition. Only 1 minor scuff on the underside of the front bumper - which still bugs me that I did that 6 years ago. In the 10.5 years I've owned her, she has only seen rain 10 times and snow once (back in 2002 when I owned a 1979 Suburban that didn't want to start one cold morning before work).

She is mostly stock with only minor changes made mostly to the suspension. the unibody car felt too loose on the highway and was way too far up in the air in stock form. I wanted to improve the appearance under the hood, so the wiring harness has been re-routed and ERG and air pump removed for a cleaner look. The check engine light is on because of the removed emissions equipment, but emissions check (for ohio) isn't an issue because the car is registered as a collector vehicle. With this being said, I have any and all parts that have been removed, even the original seatbelt guide which cracked and was replaced. The emissions equipment can be re-installed if desired to turn off the engine light.

list of changes:
  • skip shift eliminator (did this the first week i owned the car)
  • SLP loudmouth 2 exhaust (not too loud and has a nice rumble) (still have the original, but needed to make one cut to remove)
  • BMR bolt-on subframe connectors (the weld-in version is stronger, but cannot easily be removed like bolt-on)
  • BMR Rear lower control arms (have stock arms)
  • BMR Panhard bar (have stock bar)
  • BMR tunnel brace and driveshaft loop (have stock brace)
  • BMR strut tower brace
  • Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs (have stock springs)
  • SLP air intake lid (have stock lid)
  • EGR valve and airpump removed (can be re-installed)
  • 1997 camaro tail lights (i like the LT1 lights better, but still have the originals)
  • clear front signal lights and rear side bumper lights (have stock lights)
  • removed side moldings (have moldings)
  • aftermarket car alarm
  • there is an aftermarket stereo head unit with ipod connection (have stock unit)

It is important to note that I am not a teenager and this car has never been abused or raced. I rarely drive it to work and typically my kids are with me while driving the Camaro, so I don't dare do anything reckless. The tires installed when I got the car 10.5 years and 23k miles ago look almost new with plenty of meat left. I am very particular with vehicles and a stickler for proper maintenance. Nothing leaks or is starting to seep (this holds true for any of my vehicles, including my 16-year-old daily driver camry). If anything was starting to show signs of leaking, I would replace the gasket. I said I would replace a gasket, but this camaro hasn't leaked anything so only maintenance (no repair) has been done. All fluids are synthetic and engine oil is changed once in the fall and once in spring regardless of mileage.

I realize this is a bad time of year to sell a vehicle like this, but after not driving it much over the summer and living in Cleveland Ohio, it is about to hibernate until spring.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.