Black 1998 Trans Am
82,000 Miles
New rear tires(Bridgestone Potenza 911's)
New ceramic front brake pads and new front rotors. Rear are still good.
New Apline headunit
MTX 10 or 12 sub, I'll check, the sub is on the drivers side, in the rear and is built into the side panels so the t-tops can still fit.

Front tires are still okay but will need replaced in a few thousand miles.
Leather int. Drivers seat has a small stretch/tear. Other than that nothing is wrong with the interior.

Front windsheild is cracked however you can't see it from the outside, it is one crack that goes from the middle bottom into the passengers middle half. Doesn't come into drivers line of sight.

I can't think of anything else about it right now. I've never taken it down a strip anywhere. I'm sure it's as fast as any other stock t/a.
The car is black so you can see some scratches. I have pictures taken off all the scratches and what not. Just leave an email address to send them to.

I would sell for around 8300(have to pay off my loan).
BUT I would rather trade for:::
1998 or new trans am maybe camaro
no ttops or convertables
no black or white
manual trans
Ram Air would be awesome.

Thats my plan, not sure how it would work for a trade since the bank has the title but I think we could work out something.

I have plenty of pictures and can get more if needed. Just leave an email address.