I cant post pics because I dont have enough posts
Ebay item number is 4603129895 if you want to take a look at the truck.

Up for sale is my 98 Chevy 1500 Silverado, AWESOME Truck!! Runs amazing never had a problem. I am the second owner and the first was a close family friend so I have been around the truck since it was new.
It was used for trips to and from New York everyday by the previous owner so all the miles are highway miles. Retired mechanic it had oil changes every 2500 miles without fail. Being that he is a 65 yr old gentleman needless to say this truck was never beat on. The CD player was NEVER used until I purchased the truck.

1998 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Silverado
5.0L 305ci Vortec V8
4 Spd Built 4L60E Automatic with Locking Rear Differential
128K 119 of which were pure highway miles and I used the truck to travel back and forth from school.
Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors.
Cruise Control
Fresh Tranny, 400 miles old
New Plugs and Wires
New Alternator
New Brakes
New Fuel Filter

Truck was bone stock when I got it and since I can't roll on stock Ive done some add ons. The truck has a Short Ram intake with a Huge K & N filter, SSautochrome Headers. It has a Custom fabricated 3" Y- Pipe running to a 3" 40 series Flowmaster muffler with dual 3" side dump pipes (Lightning Style). My truck is REALLY! loud. Its also has a New Mallory Comp Electric Fuel Pump and despite what you think about bad gas mileage I can get 340-360 mi out of a tank so its not horrible by any means, Ive stretched it to 415 miles on road trips more than once. It also rides on Polished 454SS wheels.

I just did brakes all around, It has crossdrilled rotors up front with new pads and in the rears I put in new shoes, springs and retainers all brand new and rebled the brake system, truck has NO problem stopping in fact its surprising how well it brakes.

I installed a fresh built tranny, I had big plans for this truck but I am now selling it in favor of a different route. The trans basically had everything replaced and has upgraded clutch packs and has a Trans-Go shift kit installed. New torque convertor was installed along with it. I also piggybacked a B&M shift plus electronic shift kit for even firmer shifts it can be controlled from the drivers seat with the flick of a switch. Trans only has about 400 miles on it.

I also lowered it on Spring Tech Spindles and Leaf Springs which brought it down 2" front and back. It handles amazing for a truck and I can still carry a full load of mulch with no problems at all. About a month ago I put in new Nitrogen shocks.

As for exterior I has been debaged and now sports Black housing bumper and corner lights along with a AntennaX short antenna.

Truck is a great work truck, I have used it to haul everything from motors to lumber to paving stone and it just digs in and goes.

For its age, mileage and work duty it is in fantastic shape but there are several minor issues that I will point out. The body has glossy paint but has a few flaws in it, one being a dent on the drivers fender not severe it can be taken out for cheap. Second is the hood that had something splashed on it before I got the truck that left permanent waterspot looking marks, again not bad. Third is the tailgate, it has a dent and scratches from work use, the lower right rotating point was damaged when it was closed with something in the joint. It still locks and opens and closes fine though. The rear left leaf spring bushing squeaks badly, the exhaust drowns it out but at slows speeds its noticable, it is in perfect working order it just makes noise. I had planned on putting new pads and bushings in it but again I am moving onto something else. Also its going to need a tensioner in the future mine is starting to squeal slightly. The truck has a small exhaust leak at the y-pipe joint on the drivers side, it just has to be re tightend.

One final thing is last week I hit a deer that bent the bumper brackets and broke the trim piece in between the bumper and grill. Since then I have replaced both passenger side brackets and put on a new bumper (the old one is still fine and I have it in my garage). I have included a picture of the missing trim piece.

I have done my best to describe the trucks condition as well as possible if you have any further questions please call me at 610 721 1437 my name is Jordan.