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1998 H/C 11 sec T/A WS6 CHEAP!!!!! PLUS PARTS!

This is a discussion on 1998 H/C 11 sec T/A WS6 CHEAP!!!!! PLUS PARTS! within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; I had this car sold on ebay, but the bidder's presecured loan feel through so here it is. It will ...

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    1998 H/C 11 sec T/A WS6 CHEAP!!!!! PLUS PARTS!

    I had this car sold on ebay, but the bidder's presecured loan feel through so here it is. It will go back on ebay, but I am trying to sell it outright first. I am throwing in a lot of parts in this car just to get out of the payment So here goes.

    I am getting out of the fast cars business and concentrating on college and my girlfriend. I have spent almost everything I have made in the past 2 years on this car. This car has never been wrecked and I just put a little over $4,500 in it over the past month. Let my loss of intrest be your gain of pleasure.

    This engine only has less than 5,000 miles on it and the heads, pistons, and rods have less than 100 miles.

    1998 Pontiac Trans-Am WS6
    -black, automatic, 99,000 miles on body alone
    -black WS6 17" wheels with a not so great powdercoat job

    ---6.0 LQ9 370 c.i. iron block
    -----All machine work by CNC machine
    ---PORTED & Polished 241 heads
    ----flow 285 cfm @.600 lift
    ----Rev valves & Comp cams 918 springs
    ----Comp Cams pushrods
    ----Harlan Sharp 1.7 rockers
    ---204/218 04 Z06 cam
    ---Eagle LS1 Rods
    ---JE forged pistons
    ---Crane Hyd Roller Lifters
    ---SCAT 6.0 crank
    ---Z06 ported oil pump
    ---Z06 ported intake manifold
    ---Z06 Fuel Rails and injectors
    ---Z06 MAF-descreened
    ---6.0 Truck coil packs-for more spark
    ---Shaner S3 ported throttle body
    ---MAC 3" Off road Y Pipe- Ceramic Coatted
    ---Z06 timing chain
    ---Federal Mogul bearings-all

    ---All suspension was replaced with OEM WS6 suspension at 70,000 miles = $650
    ---It has a 4" VFN Fiberglass WS6 hood= $650

    ---Powdercoatted wheels=$125, but they need redone so $$

    ---BMR Adjustable Torque Arm= $350
    ---SONY CD Player and 3x5 Cadence mids=$$250
    ---Nitto 555R Drag Radials with 80% tread left=$368

    So with all of this new it would be close to $15,000 in parts alone, not counting the $$$ it cost to have everything installed. This car stock cost me $17,500 2 years ago. There is over $30,000 in this car with the cost of the car plus parts, not counting the labor.

    I have not ran it at the track since I got the heads, pistons, and rods in, but you can expect at least high 11's, and that is being very conservative I did however drive from Houston to my hometown of Ashdown, AR with 1 tank of gas and it was a little over 325 miles so the gas miliage is not bad for this amount of horsepower. The heads and tranny still need to break in, thats why I dont have any new track times.

    $16,000 OBO
    Will CONSIDER ALL OFFERS, just email me at

    The tranny is still not broke in so I suggest not getting on it for another 500 miles. I do not drive the car anymore, as it is summer, and I want it sold. I start it up on a daily basis and wash it and check everything over once every few days. Because I need cash and want all of the stuff I have gone I will throw in the following componets for a very discounted price of the following parts:

    LS1 Stage 4 4L60-E; rated to handle 750 RWHP, built with all Stage 4 Rock on Tranny componets. Never used, will come with Fuddle Racing 4000 stall torque converter brand new as well:
    WITHOUT CAR: $1,800
    WITH CAR: $1,500

    1000+ HP fuel system minus injectors/rails: All -10 AN and -8 AN stainless steel lines, 30-45 ft of lines, All-Star Big Fuel inline filter, Big Fram fuel filter after Huge Bosch External Fuel Pump, with Boost referenced fuel pressor regulator, All Earl's fittings, Race sumped modified 98 steel gas tank with welds alread made and connections already on there so it might take 5 mins to run your lines.
    WITHOUT CAR: $1,650
    WITH CAR: $1,250

    241 Casting Stage 3 West Coast Racing heads; Rev dual springs, Rev 2.02, 1.60 valves, titanium retainers, seats, flows 329 cfm @ .600 lift, made 492 RWHP on 383 stroker w/ 24x cam, less than 2,000 miles, assembled complete minus rockers, CNC'd, VEry NICE,
    WITHOUT CAR: $1,550
    WITH CAR: $1,175

    Fuddle Racing Performance Torque Converter 4000 stall speed, rated to handle 750 horses, still at Fuddle, BRAND NEW!!!
    WITHOUT CAR: $400
    WITH CAR: $345

    LME 370 BOOST SHORTBLOCK. still at LME, complete shortblock built for boost, Weisco pistons, Lunati Pro Billet Rods, Hell Fire Rings, Cam Motion custom grind cam, rated to handle over 1500+ horses!!!
    WITHOUT CAR: $5,250
    WITH CAR: $4,900

    6.0 Manifolds, water pump, stock torque arm, stock y pipe with converters, flexplate, harmonic balancer, LS1 oil pan, LS6 oil pump, and sump, 98' 28 lb. fuel rails/ injectors.
    WITHOUT CAR:$250
    WITH CAR: FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a nice car, I just can't afford the $450 payment and $$$ insurance payment.

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    Accepting All Offers

    I AM ACCEPTING ALL OFFERS CLOSE TO $$15,250!!!!!!!Just until the auction ends though.

    I will even give ship any item that you buy for free, and if you pay $15,000 or more I will ship everything you want for FREE!!!!!!

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    Re: 1998 H/C 11 sec T/A WS6 CHEAP!!!!! PLUS PARTS!

    TTT, I need this car gone, I just made another car payment so $15,100 obo!!!!

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    I know this car is fast because it beat my close to 400 RWHP LS1 Vette 6 spd. Car is very nice, if I werent in the market for a FRC, I might buy this.

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    new york
    could you send pics to


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    I just want to cry - my dream car and i know for SURE it wouldnt pass smog here in california.
    I hate this freaking state
    I wish i would have moved sooner to pick it up - all cars for sale on here have turned out to be very nice, this is the only one that had my jaw dropped the entire time i read the ad.

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    Car is in autotrader, buy it here for $16,000 firm, lowest I can know that I found all the papers on it. Can send any of the papers like the spec sheet on the engine and the tranny build sheet, car needs to go, GAS PRICES SUCK!!!!

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