Welcome one and all! Today I'd like to tell you a story about a great little car I bought a few years back...

So there I was in an office full of car guys with only a V6 Mustang to my name. After a few months of heckling I decided to move up and purchased a used '98 C5 Convertible. The car was in great shape with something to the tune of 30,000 miles on it... PERFECT! I started making little mods here and there: a hurst short shifter, red interior lights, a delrin shift knob, and some digital designs speakers and subs, then abruptly went off to answer the call in Iraq. When I got back 6 months later a friend of mine and myself proceeded to do some real mods: a hardened transmission, monster clutch + flywheel, Z06 intake, a pair of long tube headers, Z06 cat backs, a new convertible top, and then some new electronics: an Escort 9500ci with laser shifters, an Escort Entourage CIS, a car computer with touch screen, and a retrofitted HUD from a later model C5. All was going great until my girlfriend and I broke up and I proceeded inadvertently rear end someone at a red light...

The car sat in my driveway for a few months before I finally got it to a body shop. The flipups were replaced with stationary lights, the hood was replaced and the whole frontend was repainted. Following which I moved out from of the old house I was renting and into an apartment in a different part of town. I got a new girlfriend, a puppy, and out the window went any chance I had in completing my project.

So hear I am, hoping that someone is willing to take this baby off my hands! She's still in great condition, albeit in need of a LOT of TLC. I was transitioning from the old wagon wheels to a set of Z06 wheels before the accident, so she's currently sitting on 2 wagons and 2 Z06 guys. The car computer project is only about 1/2 way done, as the screen needs to be blended in to the center console. The front laser shifters need to be reattached (they needed to be taken off at the body shop and are under the hood atm) and the driver's side door lost it's red reflector at some point. The spring on the drivers side mirror needs to be replaced, and at this time the mirror slinks back and forth. Oh, and it needs all new tires. It's been sitting around for a while now, so I'd also recommend getting a tuneup, alignment, belt checked and maybe get the breaks and rotors checked. Oh, I think she's sitting around 80k miles now, but I can check for sure later.

This is by no means a "buy and drive" sale, she needs some time in a garage before hitting the road again.

As far factory options are concerned, the driver's side was fully electric with the memory option, and I ended up replacing the manual seat on the passenger side with an electric one. I also have the digital dual-zone AC (the lights have since been replaced with red LEDS).

Please, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I probably left out a ton of information. I'm posting this to a couple places so hopefully, with some luck, I can get her to a loving home! As far as price is concerned I'm looking for $8,000 and I'm located in Elkridge, Maryland.

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