1994 Firebird Fomula V8
LT1 350
6 Speed
98000 miles
Aqua Green
Good shape minimal rust underneath.

Seems to be in pretty good shape and there isn't any scatches or dents or anything. It looks nice but it has those horrible base swirl wheels I fuckin hate. Those can be fixed.

Should I buy it? They want US$6400 for it and the nice thing is the 18s on my 1995 Blazer will fit perfectly on it.

How good is the fuel economy at 55-60mph which is what I usually drive on the highway?

Just took it out for a testdrive.


This thing is mint and looks better than yesterday. It was washed and done up and sitting in the sun and this thing is absolutely perfect barring a few small imperfections in the paint.

The owner is a GM mechanic and that is why I saw it initially in the back parking lot of the dealer. He was nice and really firm on his thoughts on it. He knows what it is worth, he is NO pushover. There are very few of these cars in Ontario, Canada market and the ones that are there are either high mileage or priced out of this world for only a V6.

This car is worth something and I think it is worth more than the $5952 (yes, he lowered the price but AS IS) with taxes included.

What has been done within the last 5k.

- New clutch and pilot bearing
- New plugs and wires
- New waterpump

I took it for a test drive and it absolutely hauls ass and just pins you to the seat. No hesitation, no pissing around, just plain goes like a raped ape.

There is a tiny tiny amount of play in the steering wheel but I don't think it is anything that won't pass safety. He said all it "might" need is front brakes. It brakes perfect, the clutch is perfect, the paint is great and my god does it look good clean.

My GF is absolutely pissed off about this but from what I have heard, these are getting rarer and the value is going up on them.

What do you think guys?