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05 Srt-4 for sale(Big Turbo)

This is a discussion on 05 Srt-4 for sale(Big Turbo) within the Vehicles For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; Its my buddies car. Its a Stone White 2005 Srt-4 fully bolted with a GT 3076-R kit from AGP turbo. ...

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    05 Srt-4 for sale(Big Turbo)

    Its my buddies car. Its a Stone White 2005 Srt-4 fully bolted with a GT 3076-R kit from AGP turbo. 23000 on the odometer and less than 1000 miles on the brand new long block from Dodge, installed by a local dodge dealer. These are the mods off the top of my head. S1 w/DTEC, GT-3076-R KIT from AGP(you can get all the specs on the components at AGPs site) Exhaust Depot:Monster intercooler, hardpipes, single tip 3in exhaust. HKS SSQ BOV, AGP: tranny and motor mounts. Bwoody traction bars and H-brace.TWM STS w/bushings.Mpx 60mm TB. 30/30 autometer boost gauge. NO WIDEBAND(he has the pod and AEM uego but not installed) AGP fuel system w/fuel return. Eibach springs(2.2 drop). Falkin Hanabi bronze 18s on Falkin tires(has 22.5in slicks on aftermarket 15s). Were gunna get some pics up on the 4th(weds)...i know ive missed some mods not to mention the extensive list the Turbo Kit and fuel kit came with. Hes gunna ask around 19 or 20k for it. The reason there is a new motor is because he had the car tuned on wastegate and low boost.....but not on high boost. He turned on the wastegate and for some reason(he doesnt know if he accidently put it on high boost) it went on high boost and ran lean.....burning the rings out and messing the valves up. The car was tuned by Core and was tuned right(I was there looking at 11.6 A/F all the way across) so the boost controller however it happened went to high boost. If interested call Chance@225-329-5371 and we are in Baton Rouge Louisiana

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    hey, i'm finally getting around to posting some pics for him of his car. if anyone has any questions, call chance @ (225)329-5371. the last few pics were of the car before the exhaust depot beast front mount intercooler, and the rest are after the install, but the falken wheels were off of it at the time of the new photos. the car has close to 25k miles on it, but due to some mechanical difficulties, i had a brand new srt long block installed in the car. the new engine has approximately 500 miles on it at this point. it is not a re-manufactured engine. it was 100% new, with 0 miles on it at the time of install.

    :mod list:
    agp turbo kit
    garrett gt 3076r dual ball bearing turbo charger
    turbonetics wastegate, 18 and 12lbs springs
    exhaust depot 3" turbo back single tip exhaust system
    skunk2 canister muffler (back to my honda roots!)
    turbo xs dtec fuel computer
    turbo xs knock light/shift light
    nintendo gameboy ds (for all your tuning needs)
    rc 750cc injectors
    walbro 255 fuel pump
    agp return fuel line
    aero motive fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure guage
    rpm 60mm throttle body
    greddy pro-fec s electronic boost controller
    greddy catch can
    greddy full auto turbo timer
    exhaust depot hard pipe kit
    exhaust depot beast front mount intercooler
    hks super sequential blow off valve
    agp dog bone motor mounts
    agp tranny mount
    b-woody traction bars
    b-woody h-brace
    twm short throw shifter with all aluminum bushings and spacers
    autometer 30 psi boost guage

    clear corner side markers
    18"x8" falken hanabi wheels (bronze)
    falken ziex 225/40/18 tires
    eibach sport-line springs (2.25" front and 2.75" back)
    30% window tint all around 5% strip on windshield
    also including 15"x8" after market wheels with m&h 22.5 slicks

    if you notice the scratches on the front bumper, they were not caused by any type of crash. on the way home from the race track, the back straps popped causing the car to roll forward and the bumper rubbed against teh diamond plated tool box at teh front of the trailer. i have adjusted the asking price to 17,800 to compensate for the cost to repair the bumper. if you check out kelley blue book, the private party sale price of the car is 19,340. i believe that 17,800 is a reasonable asking price for a car with such an exensive mod list and for the amount of extras that will be going with the car.

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