im selling my 2002 RSX type-s 6spd Desert Sand MEtallic for 13,250 obo the car is in good condition but has minor dents and dings from regular driving... body damage includes small dent on driverside rear quarter panel a rock chip on the hood and a cracked fog light lense.... the only other damage is the front bumper was hit by an explorer >5mph there is a small gash and the paint is peeling from the impact other than that there is a cel from a bad tps sensor. Oil has been changed every 3k with mobile 1 and purolator pure one filters. As far as mods go.. the car has Injen short ram, stock exhaust except for a Greddy Evo II can out back, All mods done by previous owner. I've owned the car for 1 year, I'm the 2nd or 3rd owner, not 100% on that. Still has the same tires on it from when I bought it. PM for pics or any questions you might have incase I left anything out.

also up for trade with ls1 F-Body