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Will a 94-96 Vette motor fit with no mod's and is this the b

This is a discussion on Will a 94-96 Vette motor fit with no mod's and is this the b within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hi guys I’m back again since my last thread in 2010. The last time I was here I was trying ...

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    Will a 94-96 Vette motor fit with no mod's and is this the b

    Hi guys I’m back again since my last thread in 2010. The last time I was here I was trying to figure out if my 5.7 Caprice motor was swapped out for a lower mile 96 Impala SS motor on a project car that I bought, and the previous owner said that he did. I found out it was by finding the Vin Derivative thanks to this site and at the same time I was in the process of changing the Timing Chain (High Performance), Opti, Plugs, Wires, Custom Headers, MSD Ignition Coil, Custom Cold Air Intake (was thinking of changing the Heads & Cam) etc.

    This is where it gets bad, I’m no mechanic so a friend of a friend who supposedly was an expert on these engines on F bodies tore it up, and had issues getting to things on it compared to F Bodies because he said the cross-member was removable on F’s so the B Body was too hard to maneuver around. This is after he tore the engine apart, and he even grinded down my oil pan to get it back on for one of the things he was doing. He ended up not coming back after a few days, leaving my engine tore up and most the mechanics I talked to want a lot to put it back together or just plan out don’t want to work on someone else is work, especially how he left it.

    Money is tight and I’m thinking of getting a running LT1 motor with low miles since I have all these parts already. My question is, can the Corvette LT1 from 94-96 fit directly in my car with no mod’s and would that engine be better seeing it has aluminum heads, a mild cam, and a few other performance upgrades or were they meant for the Corvette and not a heavy B Body?

    If it does fit does it need to be an automatic Vette engine?

    Will my custom Impala headers bolt straight on?

    Any help would be great, I just want to get this thing back on the road next spring and I have a lot of other things to take care of besides the motor.
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    Was the old engine a iron head?

    Can't see why you could'nt make it work.

    Probably need a few things from the donor car.

    IIrc, LT1's are internally balanced so it really does'nt matter if it's a manual engine or auto.

    You can just swap over your old flex plate and converter to the new engine, and it will bolt right up to your trany.

    I could use some more info if you have on the old engine.

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    Physically it will bolt right in, although I'm not sure if the PCM will cross over. It might work to get it running, but there are likely differences in tunes since the vette motor is somewhat different in the cam.

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