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Wierd problems

This is a discussion on Wierd problems within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Now that the temps dropped, I'm having some early morning problems. When I first start the car and take off, ...

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    Wierd problems

    Now that the temps dropped, I'm having some early morning problems. When I first start the car and take off, for about a minute or so it feels like the cars about to explode... then it goes away. The needle for the rpm goes MAD bouncing in every which way plus minus 1k rpm like there was no tomorrow, motor sounds poppy as hell and it bogs off power on and off like traction control was kicking on but worse (not actually happening, just feels similiar to that) and the idle sounds way different. gassing it doesnt seem to help as the variablility just goes nuts with it. MAYBE 1ce a month on the highway i'll be cruisin along in 6th and for a brief second itll happen while warm, but thats only happened maybe 2x and for a really short ass time... once the cars moved maybe 2 blocks or waited like 30 seconds the symptoms all but disappear completly. i know one of my cats is dead (chunks of it flew out the back about 2 months ago) but everything else should be fine. thought maybe bad gas but i've filled it several times since doesnt seem to change. colder it is, the worse the problem... if the cars been drivin during the day its not nearly as bad as a fresh morning start after sitting overnight. all new plugs, wires and opti less then 1k on them... doesnt seem to have any burned plugs or loose connections.


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    sounds like a fuel problem, how many miles are on the car?
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    And your not setting any codes with all this going on? I am surprised the check engine light hasn't been on for a deficient converter,,,,since chunks blew out 2 months ago,,,the rear 02 for that side should be telling the computer something is wrong here.

    Have you had any type of scanner on the car while driving?

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    yea i have an obd2 scanner, no light, no codes, no history. i have enhanced gm paramaters i can do graphs and shit if anyone wants to look at any spec... ill go out tonight (havent driven the car so it should start with the problems) and do some recordings.

    i did notice that it happens particularly bad from just above idle to around 2300rpm then its not as bad, but still present to some degree if that helps.

    as for the fuel shortage, can you guys tell from the injector width and all that crap? i think ive seen that as a monitoring option on my obd2 scanner... ill add that to the display/record list tonight. car also has under 1k injectors and they are 42lbs i believe... and the cam isnt anywhere near aggressive enough to be out demanding them or the pump, especially at 5mph lol. this whole only happens when its cold out thing is whats really bothering me... i can see a faulty tune or somethin but it shoudl still be in the same loop by the time the problem goes away... and when the motors remotly warm later in the day there is no problem.

    car just passed 65k miles but everything but the rotating assembly has been upgraded, replaced or reinforced at some time lol.

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    Doesn't sound like we are talking about a stocker here. 42 lbs injectors? This thing has had to of had a custom tune at some point.

    I am sure if you posted a scan someone here will help.

    What has me concerned first though is fixing the obvious you already know is wrong. Like the converter that is blowing chunks and why the rear 02 isn't sending you a code for that??????? I would start there personally,,,,replacing the cats and make sure nothing else is lodged in the rest of the system. Or remove them altogether if thats an option for you.

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