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What kind of horsepower should I have?

This is a discussion on What kind of horsepower should I have? within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I just bought a 1994 Z28 hardtop that will be turned into a road racing car by spring. I just ...

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    What kind of horsepower should I have?

    I just bought a 1994 Z28 hardtop that will be turned into a road racing car by spring. I just got out of Porsches and all my Porshce buddies are talking smack. I want to figure out what kind of HP I can get out of my car.

    So far it has ported heads and intake, a 230/236 cam with .510" lift, LS1 injectors, and a Walbro 255lph fuel pump. I plan on adding headers and better exhaust with an off-road cat bypass pipe, and then having the PCM tuned.

    What kind of HP do you guys think that combo should be good for?

    I really want to get the engine right so I can get as much speed as possible out of this car.

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    It really depends on the tune, and what those heads flow. A really good set of heads and matched cam in an LT1 (with all the supporting exhaust mods, etc) can make over 400rwhp easily. Most heads/cam cars make in the 380-400rwhp range. Not knowing how well your heads flow, I'd guess right around 370rwhp. Not many Porsches with that kind of wheel horsepower. The power isnt what you need to worry about... Just get the suspension so you can get it to the ground.

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    Thanks for the input. I completely agree about the suspension setup. I have a set of LG motorsports adjustable (rod end) LCA's and panhard rod on the way. I'm planning on doing a full track setup since the car won't be street driven, it will get trailered to and from the track.

    I was running a 1985 Porsche 944 with 150hp this year on the track, so I'm had a chance to learn the importance of suspension setup and momentum, smoothness, etc.

    My best laps at Gingerman Raceway (South Haven MI) were 1:45's, within 3 seconds of my friends best times in his 1999 996 with 300hp+ and much better suspension and brakes.

    I figure with that much more HP in the Camaro I can afford to give up a little bit in the corners because I will have so much more acceleration out of the corners. My friends 996 used to pull away on the straights and I would have to reel him back in in the twisty parts of the track. Now I'm hoping to just hang with him in the twisty bits and then blow by him on the straights.

    Just to mess with his head (and my other Porsche buddies I go to the track with) I'm going to put decals in reverse on the front of the car that say "MOVE OVER" in their rearview mirrors!
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    One of the things you will notice is the weight, and length of the car over your 944. It will take you some time to get used to it. But once you do, you should be good.

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