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video of Lt1- 14.5 seconds 1/4 mile (Wesman is wrong)

This is a discussion on video of Lt1- 14.5 seconds 1/4 mile (Wesman is wrong) within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Wesman Now back to the topic -- I Saw an Evo run 13.00 and I also saw ...

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    video of Lt1- 14.5 seconds 1/4 mile (Wesman is wrong)

    Quote Originally Posted by Wesman View Post
    Now back to the topic -- I Saw an Evo run 13.00 and I also saw a 95 LT1 A4 - run a 14.5 same nite.. --
    But what do I know, ,, I was only there.

    Don't believe you for one second. Keep making things up.
    I don't appreciate being called a liar. Here is the proof.

    ---I didn't get the 13.0 Evo pass on video,, but I did get a 13.2 pass on video. LInk is below

    Lt1 - stock ( obviously) --- 14.5 video <---- VIDEO LINK

    Evo VIII 13.23 (sorry my wife didn't record every single pass of the night) But I think this is sufficient evidence that Wesman is in fact wrong. and also that I don't fabricate stories/ lie. <-- EVO video---

    NO stock LT1 Z28 is hanging with an EVO, from a roll, or from a dig, period.
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    OK... the last one got locked for a reason... this isnt going to go any further.

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