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rear suspension on formula

This is a discussion on rear suspension on formula within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; car=95 Formula 6speed problems=rear Rt side fender gap sags and Lt side looks stock AND Lt side wheel sticks out ...

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    rear suspension on formula

    car=95 Formula 6speed
    problems=rear Rt side fender gap sags and Lt side looks stock AND Lt side wheel sticks out and Rt side wheel tucks too far in
    solution=Adjustable PHB and new Springs??????

    Misc=My car has 36,000 orignal miles, I don't understand why I have this problem. I also put brand new shocks on both sides on the rear about 2 months ago, which helped a little but not much.


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    I'm not sure about the wheel sticking out of the side and the other tucked in, but there was another thread on the other part. Many of us f-body owners noticed that the right side sagged down further than the left. I think they came to the conclusion that it was to compensate for driver's weight. Not positive on this, but that's what was said.

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    Sag is obviously an issue with springs and/or shocks. Self explanatory on how to correct that if you want to. As for the axle being off center, you need to find some common reference points on the body and the tires/ wheels, and from the axle to the chassis, and start measuring. See if you're actually off center (your eyes can play tricks on you). If the car hasnt ever been wrecked or curbed hard, then it is likely related to the ride hieght issue. Many people need an adjustable PHR after installing lowering springs to recenter the axle. If you're off center, and nothing in the axle, frame, or suspension components appears to be bent or damaged, then an adjustable panhard bar should solve your problem. And if you cant find a real good way to measure accurately, let an alignment shop tackle it.

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