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Which Ram Clutch to Use?

This is a discussion on Which Ram Clutch to Use? within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a stock 1995 Trans Am with 105K miles. Not planning on any mods to the LT1, but its ...

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    Which Ram Clutch to Use?

    I have a stock 1995 Trans Am with 105K miles. Not planning on any mods to the LT1, but its time to replace the clutch.

    Considering a Ram clutch either the stock type replacement or the HDX Performance Clutch, which is the first upgrade over stock.

    My driving is mostly city, a 12 mile trip to the office consisting of side streets a few miles on the interstate then more side streets to the office. There are many times on the interstate where its beep and creep, creep along at ideal in 1st gear. Lots of on/off the clutch driving.

    So, would the upgraded HDX be a left leg killer or not compared to a stock quality replacment.

    Will be replacing the pilot bushing, throw-out bearing, slave/master cylinderm and flywheel (Ram True Balance) as well.

    Comments please.

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    If the car is going to remain stock or only lightly modded, I would get the LT4 clutch from SLP. This way you've got a factory style clutch with stock driving characteristics, that has a bit more holding power than a stocker.

    I'm not sure SLP still has them, but you might call them.

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