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Please Help, car jerks violently at low RPM's

This is a discussion on Please Help, car jerks violently at low RPM's within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a 94 firebird with the LT1 and a six speed and just recently it's developed an annoying problem. ...

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    Question Please Help, car jerks violently at low RPM's

    I have a 94 firebird with the LT1 and a six speed and just recently it's developed an annoying problem. No matter what gear I'm in,this includes first, if I push the throttle on the car any more than a quarter of the way down while I'm under 2000 rpm's it will hesitate and jerk violently until I either let off the gas or get it above 2000 rpm's. I've ran the car out of gas a couple of times and thats when it started doing it. But Ive already replaced the fuel filter and I think it's possible that the spark plugs are fouled, but I am pretty much stuck, and need some help badly. This little problem pretty much inhibits me from doing burn outs and with a car like that, well thats just not fair. I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone has. Thank you

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    Try cleaning the maf with a q-tip and the iac motor

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    Bring it in to a dealer or shop of your choice for an injection cleaning. In the mean time, put a can of Cheveron Techtron gas addiative. Costs about $ 5.00 but is very good.

    On other thing to consider is the OptiSpark is going, Its the distributer on the LT1. But, the 94 is prone to failure. Do a google on OptiSpark and read up on the little guy. If you 100K miles, its getting to be time.

    Post back when you get this worked out.:beer3:

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    I vote bad plug wire or spark plug.

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    I had the same problem about four years ago...95 T/A M6-basically changed plugs/wires, opti was still good-i just had to change the module (common misconception which can save you a few c notes) btw plug #7 is a bitch to get to enjoy the tune-up. long story short i have had no problems since, good luck

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    Has the check engine light come on ? Have you had it scanned? When is the last time you got a tune up. Hard to diagnose a car that isnt running right because of the tune up issue.

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    Had the same trouble when I bought my '97 Z. Found a hole in the rubber intake bellows/elbow between MAF sensor and throttle body. Replaced it. Runs like a raped ape ..Hope this helps.

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    I had a bad problem with my 01 ls1 surging at low RPM's it also has a fluctuation in the idle when it gets hot, and a slight misfire. I replaced the TPS sensor, and pcv valve today and although it hasn't been driven too long it does seem like it has helped with surging - but the idle is unknown and it still seems to lag / have a slight misfire. I am going to pull some plugs to see what they look like maybe I got the plugs / wires wet and that did them in? I just have to find some time changing plugs comes after changing diapers.

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