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Part owners of a Camaro... (kinda)

This is a discussion on Part owners of a Camaro... (kinda) within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; My buddy happened across a Camaro on craigslist and invited me to be a half owner... Being smarter than that ...

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    Part owners of a Camaro... (kinda)

    My buddy happened across a Camaro on craigslist and invited me to be a half owner... Being smarter than that I offered up half the cash in return for a set return (I am basically loan sharking). I decided on this because I dont want the risk, I dont want to have to deal with fighting over what is done with the car, and i dont want to have to "earn" my half of any profit since i would have to go to his house to work on it...

    SOOOO here is what we got...

    1994 Z28

    M6 (Swap... Originally an auto)
    Vortech V1 Supercharger

    Extras: Hood, auto tranny, pedals...

    Paid: $3300

    Now seeing that you are wondering... WTF...

    The honest assessment...

    We drove it back 2.5 hours from the point of purchase... it made it, but we got to really get in touch with what we had money into...

    Car is running RICH... I mean RICH...
    The S/C is running a blow off (after the MAF prolly not helping with the richness)
    The clutch chatters like a dog shitting a peach seed.
    M6 needs a rebuild
    Auto needs a rebuild
    Bottom end of motor actually seems to be ok...
    No noticeable rear end whine (not that we could hear it over all the other noises)
    ported heads
    ported intake
    Shot interior.
    Body is ok, but not great
    bushings and suspension are GONE
    all the work is a hack job (ESPECIALLY the tuning)

    Verdict... I think we need to tear it apart... I think he is leaning toward tying to salvage it and resell it (this is why i am a silent partner... or as silent as i can be)... Buddy has an LT1 and if the bottom end turns out to be in good shape he could swap it in along with the vortech, get the tune right, and have a strong car... and we would still have plenty of parts to sell off (including a full auto and a full manual swap) to make up for the initial investment... and then you just crush the poor car...

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    I agree, unless he see's himself in the car of his dreams part it.

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    pictures of the car

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    Sadly now demodded :(

    Unless you can make $$$ off of racing this thing then you are screwed....

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    I cant be screwed... I have a fixed rate of profit...

    He will more than likely be out of pocket very little, but that is mainly because of the fact that some of the major cash parts will be kept by him. The supercharger is 99% gonna be kept. The stroker might not be kept and even if it is there will be some cash pulled from his motor that only has about 10,000 miles on it... and i figure both trannies will be sold (along with all the parts that are needed to covert from auto to manual).

    We have actually made some pretty good finds on the car... Apparently there was some descent cash in the build it was just totally flubbed... The filter was a $40 Spectre filter... The injectors are a good brand (dont remember what they are)... There are TCI servos in the auto... and there has been some interest on the roller chassis... I honestly think he is gonna prolly break even in the end even if he keeps the S/C...


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    Not sure why he, you who ever bought it if it wasn't going to be just a track car but now seems like you are stripping it and tring to do a quick flip of the cash??? I would have (YES) torn it down and started a track car out of it and share seat time. Track cars don't have to be good looking they just have to go. and even a budget rebuild on stock bottom end with that S/C would be a real fun car to play with, with out getting to serious.

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