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Oil Smoke?

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    Oil Smoke?

    LT4 383 engine in a road course track only car. PROBLEM: I get a Puff of oil smoke "mosquito killer," for 1 to 2 secs out the tail pipe when I first open the throttle after hard braking and deceleration. No oil smoke under acceleration or deceleration. It only happens that first second or so when the TB first opens. No PCV in motor. Passenger valve cover vented to breather/catch can. Line to TB is capped-off. Any ideas where the oil may be coming from?



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    sounds like the no pcv valve might be the problem. does anyone else have no pcv and the same problem?

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    I just removed the throttle body and have discovered that the inside of the intake is wet with oil and there was a small amount of oil pooled in the TB bores just behind the throttle plates. That wouold explain the oil smoke when the TB opens. Now where in the heck is the oil coming from? There are no hoses of any kind running to the TB. Heck there is only 1 vacumn hose going to the fuel regulator. All others are plugged with allen pipe plugs. Is there someone out there that is familiar with the mystery holes in a lt1/4 intake manifold? Does anybody out there have one off a car we can talk about? Where do those two little drilled holes go just inside the intake manifold? I am stumped.....

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