Ok guys... just tossing around a few ideas... i got a friend that wants to sell me a wet kit for 250 bucks... its all there and comes with two diffrent jets, one 50hp and one 100hp... This isnt my first experience with nitrous but it was on a more able motor (ls1). Right now i have all stock internals and my motor suffers from slight blow-by. Im getting ready to put another motor in it (not sure what yet) but my question is could i safely run a 50 shot on my motor without hurting anything until im ready for the swap... im just looking for a little more kick without breaking the bank. Let me know what you guys think... i really dont want to hurt the motor anymore.

Also anyone out there have any quick fixes to take care of the blow by without re-ringing the engine? Im not even 100% sure thats what this is... i just know it leaks oil like a siv and when i mat the gas i get alot of smoke out of the tailpipes.... so im assuming lol. I had my pcv hose fall off and i believe that may be what started the problem but it started again even after fixing it... any ideas?