The car is a 1995 T/A LT1 460LE

P600B Blower
Borla Exhaust (fully opened)

Rest is pretty much stock..

I have just gotten off fighting a severely burnt catalytic converter from my Borla. A Magnaflow Hi-Flo cat was put on in place of the Borla cat, but now the car has a decreased power, (i'd say 85%-90% of power still available) and shakes like it has a 454. It idles rough, and in reverse the car shakes enough to have me worried.

By idling rough... I mean... let me see if I can put this into words for you, every time I hear the exhaust breathe, at the end of the breatheing the engine seems to take a dip, the supercharger makes a noise as if it was not being turned for a second, and then goes back into it, cycle repeating forever. Perhaps thats an indication of something gone wrong in the ignition?

My current plan is to check the ignition, plugs to distributer, but there is one thing I would really like to know, is the car safe to drive right now? Aside from the shaking and rough idle, it goes in the forward line correctly, doesn't generally have any problems, and sounds absolutely monstrous from the rear. I'd like anybody's opinion on this one, because I'm really having a hard time not driving it, even in its broken condition. Thanks, in advance.