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Need new motor for my Z?

This is a discussion on Need new motor for my Z? within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Whats the better deal here? Is it better to have a shop rebuild my LT1 or is it better to ...

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    Need new motor for my Z?

    Whats the better deal here? Is it better to have a shop rebuild my LT1 or is it better to just yank out the motor and replace it??? I found a place in the north east that will send me a motor witha 3 year, unlimited mile warranty shipped to me for $1900. Or should i pay the labor costs to rebuild the one i have in there with no warranty. Now the installation for the new motor is still like $1700.. Whats the better way to go?

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    Depends on what your goals are, Do you just want a stock motor and are you going to keep it stock? If you have someone rebuild a motor for ya, you can pick the parts you want put back into it. It will cost a little extra but it would hold up better. Personaly i would buy a couple cases of your favorite beverage and find a good buddy and yank it out myself, pull off all the pumps and extra stuff then take it to a shop for a rebuild. Save yourself the 1700 bucks.
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    Either way you go will be fine. The main thing to consider is cost -- which way will be cheaper. Now days you can find LT1's on Craigslist and other places for dirt cheap, but if it proves to be less expensive to rebuild your existing LT1, then do so. Just what ever is cheaper -- plain and simple.
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